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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Baltimore; an abandoned warehouse on the water; later, Wednesday night
[Continued from here].

When Dinah regained consciousness, senses bleary and muscles rubbery, she was tied to an armchair: arms, legs, throat.

"Ah. Good, you're awake." Shiva's voice, somewhere behind her.

Dinah immediately lashed out toward Shiva with her telekinesis, even though she couldn't see her. "Bitch!"

"Ah, ah, ahhh."

A sudden forceful kick at the legs of the chair, and Dinah had to arch her neck back as the loop around her neck tightened, the chair falling off into empty space--

"If you can use your meta abilities so easily now-- I think you should concentrate on saving yourself."

Falling, falling, choking, and for one panicked moment Dinah thought this is it, I'm dead, but then what Shiva had said sank in, and she concentrated desperately; she stopped falling, rose a little, and then she could breathe, breathe, breathe, and look around to see where she was.

Suspended about twenty feet above a shadowy warehouse floor. As the chair slowly spun around, pulled by a rope looped on the back of the chair (and her neck, she realized), she saw Shiva standing on a platform across from her.

"Impressive," Shiva allowed, letting go of another rope, one that had been tied to hers. "I wouldn't have let you die yet, Dinah. But I can't have you trying to escape. You're going to need to hold yourself up, if you're going to live long enough for Barbara and Helena to try to rescue you. The chair will swing on the rope on its own, but the cord around your neck will hang you if you don't keep it suspended just a few inches more."

"Revenge. Again?" Dinah asked when she got her breath back. She could do it. She could hold herself up, she could even, maybe, swing back over to the platform-- except Shiva was walking backward, and then kicking out a pin that held the leading panel up, and it dropped down. Now it wasn't impossible, but God it would be hard to lift herself that much further, if she could even get herself loose from the rope. "I'm going to get out of this."

"Not with me around to stop you, littlest sister," Shiva said mildly. "No. If you drop the chair down, the dogs will get you if you don't hang yourself. If you bring it over here to the edge of this platform, I'll shoot you. So you'll swing right there, bait for your sisters, until it's time."

"Dogs," Dinah repeated, then looked down and swallowed. A half-dozen Dobermans were circling, looking up at her with interested, angry eyes.

"Be a good girl. Keep yourself alive. I have to set up the rest of the trap, little mouse." Shiva smiled like a knife. "Barbara will be so disappointed in you if you're dead when she gets here."

Dinah sent her one last venom-filled look, then concentrated on the telekinesis. Time, time, how much time did she have...?

[To be continued here! NFI, NFB for distance.]