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dreamscapecloseup, dreamscapeagain, dreamscape
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Royal Towers Room 624, Sunday morning
Dinah had gone to bed happy after a date with Jaime, crashed out hard, and then promptly gotten an update from City of Giant Robots.

The Clocktower again. On a computer screen, a message scrolled: Breaking news: Jak still fighting bad guys! The crazy inventive little old guy that she'd seen a couple times before popped up from behind a console, Jak and Daxter watching him freak out. "Open eco wells attract Metal Heads! You've got to close them off!"

Jak and Daxter looked clueless and at sea, and then Crazy Guy popped up with something in his hand.

"These plasmite bombs will do the trick!"

These *what* bombs? Hoo boy.

"Drop one into each well! And the blast will do the rest!" He shoved the whole lot at Jak while Dinah watched in concern.

Don't shake the--! Yeah, that would be Dax, shaking a little bomb-grenade and arming it, then playing hot-potato with Crazy Guy, aaaaack, and then throwing them to Jak because he was the hero, then all of them were armed and in Jak's clutches. MEEP.

"Go through the portal, and toss a bomb down each eco well before they go off! YOU HAVE TWO MINUTES!"

Holy *crap*. And Jak was off and running, and if it'd been Dinah, she would've died, but somehow, Jak's speed translated to
actually pulling that off.



Jak was sitting in a moving gun-thing, which was actually kind of cool, high over the city like that-- and shooting at a giant warship in the sky while dodging flying red robots, the sky looking like something from and old World War II movie, fire and smoke everywhere in the night as the 'bots shot at him, and he swerved and slid away from them along the rail.

Almost pretty. Terrifying. Pretty terrifying!

And theeeen he shot down the gunship (which enlightened Dinah about *that* bit of business from before) and it made a really, really satisfying crash as it hit the ground....


Which woke Dinah up, muttering and sleepy. Then she flopped back on her pillow and yawned, piecing it together. Jak was alive. Still taking crazy risks. But. They always worked for him. Plasmite bombs. Gunship. BOOM. It was a theme. Jak was... okay. That was the important thing. Either he really was as good as he thought he was, or he was really, really, really lucky.

It wasn't quite enough to stop her worrying. But somehow, seeing it again after two months made it more believable. He was still kind of messed up. But he wasn't going to die. Not yet, anyway.

Dinah kicked the sheets off, heading off to go for a swim.

[Establishy. Dreamed & summarized from here with kind permission of unborn_renegade. ]