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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, late Saturday morning
Dinah woke up to her flowers after a very fun dance, and decided that Valentine's Day didn't suck that much. She was going to have to get chocolates for the people she'd missed getting flowers for, but that would be okay to do later when she went shopping with Jill.

Cookies from Alfred, coffee made in the Common Room, chess set stolen from same: all ready for someone to show up for a long talk.

And Camille to distract her from any anxiousness until then.

[for one.]
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Leto knocked lightly on the door. He was in a good mood after last night and this morning, but a little uncertain where this conversation would lead. But he could see the purpose, and Dinah had promised a game of chess. He considered letting her win.

"Hey. Come on in," Dinah opened the door, and gestured him inside, to the chair pillows and small table with the chess set and cookies set up. "Did you have a good time at the dance last night?" She bit her lip, then added, "And thanks for the flower. It's lovely." It was settled in among the others from her friends, where he could see it.

"You're welcome, and yes I did." he entered the room, smiled at Dinah and hugged her shoulders lightly. "But I failed in one thing. The baliset is still in my room, and I promised Arthur he could have it to himself last night." He smirked. "And I didn't feel like waking him up."

Dinah hugged him back, equally lightly, then stepped away, looking curious before she got it. "Oooooo. Ha! No, I wouldn't want to wake him up either." She blinked, then said, "Although who would want to sleep with Arthur?"

When she realized what she'd said, and to whom, she facepalmed, trying not to laugh. "Um. Okay, stupid question, I didn't mean...."

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He had to laugh at that, shaking his head. "Clearly, tastes differ," Leto said, then took a seat next to the table. "But I hope the excuse is good enough for not playing for you today.

"Totally good enough. Really." She sat down at the table, and offered him the plate of cookies, taking a sip of her coffee. "Arthur's just... I mean, he's very good looking, but the way he's... okay, not getting into that with you." She grinned over her mug, and shook her head. "So. White or black?"

"Black," he said. "Please." He studied the chess board, the tip of his finger moving one of the pieces. "You had something particular in mind." Hopefully, there would still be time for idle conversation after that.

"Right." Dinah put her mug down, and studied the board. "Tony was just looking out for me. He said he wouldn't do it again without telling me, though. And I believe him." Mostly. Dinah moved a white pawn forward, mirroring Leto's move on the other side of the board. "But I think we both, me and him, got confused by stuff you said. It didn't really add up."

Start simple. "How does dating and marriage work on Arrakis? For you?"

That was a little surprising. "Why do you want to know, Dinah? What doesn't make sense? To start with, it depends on what part of the society you belong to." He picked up hus mug, gaze shifting between Dinah and the board.

She took a cookie, and bit into it, brow furrowing, then swallowed. "Well, you mentioned it to Tony, like you thought I wanted to marry you or something. Or at least, that's what it sounded like to him. And I thought he had to have that wrong." She shrugged, going a little pink, then added, "Plus, I'm just interested. You're my friend, no matter what. I'm curious about it."

"Oh." He laughed, shaking his head, moving another pawn forward. "No, I didn't mean it like that. Tony didn't seem to understand." He thought for a moment. "I am my father's heir. I will have to make a political marriage, when a suitable alliance appears. Children born in that marriage, if any, will be my legal heirs. Should I care for someone else that isn't really a problem and the relationship can be formalised" - Romeo had advised against using the term 'concubine' - "and should the marriage be childless, children from such an arrangement would be recognised as heirs. But a..." he was looking for a better word here, "lover can't expect to be the only one under such circumstances. My mother wasn't wife. She had my father's affection, but Irulan had the title."

"Ugh." Dinah paused, then blinked, thinking that sounded harsh. "Sorry. I'd just hate that. I mean, being forced to marry someone. It so doesn't work like that here. Even with really rich people. Or it isn't supposed to. Maybe in India, or some of the Arabic countries, but not here." She frowned, studying him. "And you're okay with that? I mean, that you might love somebody, and be married to someone else?"

He looked at her, smiling. "Apart from having to deal with more than one person who think they have a right to argue with you? No, not really. I've always taken it for granted. And Fremen culture is a little different. Polygamy is accepted, although not the norm. If a duel is fought, the winner are given ownership of the dead man's water share, and assumes responsibility of his wife and children."

"Wow." Dinah blinked, and moved another piece, a rook, getting it out and ready to attack. "That's intense. So. Okay." She frowned, tilting the rook back and forth on its space.

"Here, in America anyway, polygamy is either for crazy religious people or scum. Just so you know. I mean, criminal, trying to get out of supporting kids or bilk people of money, scum. And duels? So not happening. I don't know if you know that or not, or if your sister told you. I get that it isn't like that on Arrakis, though." Dinah chewed her lip, then said, "Sooo. Dating. How's that work?"

Crazy religious people might mean the average citizen in Arrakeen, Leto guessed. He didn't mention this, however, or that his father was their almost deified prophet.

"And I'm not likely to challenge anyone for a duel here, no." Although the thought amused him. "What do you mean by dating exactly?" He examined the board.

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