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A stretch of beach, Tuesday mid-morning
Dinah and Tahiri had run into each other on the beach, and since the gym here was definitely not the place to spar-- they'd scare a lot of the spinning people-- they'd headed away from the main beach, just in sight of the towers, in order to get a good work-out in.

"Can't be lazy every minute here. Have you seen the dolphins yet?"

[for a still-barefoot warrior]

The stomp hit, drawing a bark of surprise more than pain from Tahiri, who vaulted back up to her feet and closed in with not-quite-Jedi speed, aiming an uppercut at Dinah's chin.

"Not here, you won't," she yelled back.

"Whoa!" Dinah had her arms up to block as fast as she could, startled enough not to have a follow-up move, and took the blow along the side of her jaw and one arm. "Tiny Jedi Ninja of Fury!"

With the instincts of a Yuuzhan Vong warrior, too, but that wasn't quite as catchy-sounding. Still, relevant, good to know . . . and pretty kriffing satisfying, Tahiri had to admit.

"Just imagine if I was actually mad," she half teased, but didn't let up on her advantage now that Dinah's arms were out of position to guard her midsection. Hello, knee coming up.

"Unh!" Ow, ow, and okay, go for the headbutt, as long as you're bent over there. Yeah, there'd be bruises showing off on the beach tomorrow.

The headbutt connected, as Tahiri's grunt indicated. But as long as Dinah was bent over there, she'd be throwing herself into a backwards roll, hopefully out of reach of a followup attack.

It took her a moment to remember this was a training spar, not an actual fight -- more things to remember to work on -- so there was a pause of a second or two before Tahiri asked, "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm good," Dinah said, a trifle dizzy and breathless. She grinned, and asked, "You? We don't usually get this punchy without padding."

"I usually get hit more than this without padding," Tahiri reminded her. "Or have heavy things dumped on me, or get thrown into walls, or . . ."

She wasn't bringing up the tendency toward unconsciousness. That was just embarrassing.

"And I usually get hit more when it's a real fight too," Dinah admitted aloud. "Point. Just fun to be able to let loose again. Fight Club, you can never be sure how someone will react." She grinned. "When was the last time you were thrown into a wall, though?"

"A while," Tahiri had to concede. "As if you ever forget how that feels, though? Try getting flattened into the hull of a ship that's suddenly jumped from stationary to seven hundred klicks an hour."

Dinah hooted. "That sounds more like something out of one of those coyote cartoons than anything that happens in real life. Yeeeeowwwch." She grinned and re-set her stance as her head cleared. "I think the worst I had was, hmm. Either the broken nose, breaking my own hand, or getting clocked with a pipe."

Tahiri shook her head. "I don't think I can pick anything out any more. It's all starting to run together." Also it wasn't really fair when she could heal.

Dinah gave her a wince, because yeah, not all the scars were visible, but it kind of sounded like Tahiri was dealing with it okay now. Throwing a feint to her left, then a punch on her right side, she asked, "So how's everything else, aside from more punchy-fighty?"

The punch connected, because Tahiri got distracted thinking too much about the question, but she rolled with it and came back with a counterpunch of her own to the ribs. "Everything else?"

She grinned. "It's pretty great."

That one, Dinah managed to deflect downward, although she had to dance back, off-balance. "Yeah? Cool. Enough ice cream in your life?" she teased. "Enough time thiiiinking at someone?"

Well, she hadn't gotten chewed out by the Jedi Masters yet . . .

"Maybe," she retorted, pressing her advantage with a roundhouse kick that sent a spray of water and sandy foam behind it. "I do have other things going on in my life."

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