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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Dinah's flowers & Other links
Hanging out with Jaime and flirting.

Shopping for Valentine's Day outfits with Jaime.

Hanging out with Priestly after the dance.

And watching the Olympics with Jak.

A pink carnation
Thanks for everything, Dru

6 yellow roses
Happy Valentine's Day to the Best Roomie Ever!

A pink carnation
This is in no way a reminder of how well you blush occasionally. Leto

1 rose
Your friendship made Fandom a home, not just a school. I'll treasure it forever. Love always, Karla

A single red rose
Happy Valentine's Day. -Mat

3 yellow roses
I owe you another spar. I promise it won't go out of hand this time.

-- Tahiri

A pink rose
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is as wonderful as you wish. Sincerely, Morgana

A peach rose
To my favorite fake wife. Happy Valentine's Day! --Sam

Yellow rose
You are awesome and the best friend a guy could have.

Love, Tony

Peach roses
Happy Me Day, Sweet Pea!