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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A parking garage roof, Baltimore, Thursday evening
Tonight's perch had the advantage of having a view of a basketball court, a bar parking lot, and an all-night liquor store. Talk about urban planning. Dinah now had a domino on, and they'd been very, very careful when leaving the island. No Bow Boy surprises tonight, thanks.

Dinah leaned against the railing to watch the game, and said to Momoko, "So. Current events. Anything new with you?"

And a long slurp off her Beaver Buzz while they waited for something to happen. Sometimes patrols were just about team bonding.

[crimefighting partner ahoy!]

Blossom shrugged and let her mind wander over the past few days as she scanned the neighborhood AGAIN to make sure they weren't being followed.

"Mmmm. Not much." There was a cheer from below. "Oh, someone scored a goal?" Momoko didn't know her sports, okay?

"I'm mostly trying to keep up with Professor Cabot's class. She's been asking some hard questions lately and I'm worried. Also had a talk with Triela about her latest set of orders; she's not happy. Basically her boss is telling her to find a boyfriend and she's freaking out."

Dinah spluttered her next gulp of her drink and said, "Are you kidding me? Seriously? That jackass!"

Blossom blinked, then decided, yeah, she agreed with Dinah's assessment. "Well, he told her to get a boy to take her to the next dance, so, yeah. Although I guess he could mean just as a friend, but she says it's all to learn to fit in."

"I can't believe they're pushing her on this," Dinah said, grimacing. "First the dress and the make-up, and the shoes she hates, and now this? I'm all for her expanding her horizons, but not like this! For some job."

"I know, right? But they are. And I mean, it makes sense sort of, but yeah. She's not happy about it." Blossom sighed. "When is the next dance anyway?"

"I am so checking in with her about this.... I think the next one is in a week or so," Dinah said hesitantly. "For Valentine's Day. There was one last year, right? So. Probable." She took a breath, steeling herself. "Any guy you want to take you to the dance?"

"Ah, Valentine's Day!" No, she hadn't forgotten, but she'd been trying to play it cool. Blossom blushed a bit, finally looking over at her partner with a grin. "Okay, uhm. Maybe? I'm totally not sure. I mean, guys back home don't ever want to go out with me when I ask, so I kind of haven't ever asked anyone here, even though there are a bunch of cute guys, because I don't want to lose someone as a friend, too, you know? When they think I'm weird? But, maybe, one, yeah."

There. She'd kind of admitted it.


Oh, ack. Dinah smiled back at Momoko, and rubbed at the edge of her mask, trying to be Zen. "Um. One. Yeah. I'm hoping he'll ask. Or I'll ask him, maybe just as friends. I'm working up to the idea with him." She bit her lip. "Who's yours?" Please don't say Jaime? Please?

"You can't tell, okay? Because he's totally a friend and really sweet and nice and I don't want him to..." There was a sudden scream and Blossom jerked to her feet to locate the source. On the basketball court the ball was being bounced slowly by one of the larger males, but they weren't playing.

"Uhm, I don't know anything much about sports, but Dinah, is that really part of the game?"

The teens had gathered at the fence surrounding the court and were making rapid motions and loud noises at a couple of teen males on the street side.

Dinah's head jerked as soon as the shriek sounded, and she leaned forward, questions of boys and dances shoved out of her head completely. "No, not even a little and I think that's our cue to make an entrance. Ready?"

Things were heating up down below, made evident by the chinking of the fence as it was struck by what looked to be a bat.

"Now, come on. I know that's not what a bat is for!" Blossom held out her hand for Dinah. "Maybe we can just calm the situation a bit? Make sure that your new mask is on tight and let's fly, T.K!"

"Go, Hyper!" Dinah gripped Blossom's wrist tight, thinking, Well, this is going to be a dramatic entrance, and then whoooshing through the air, to land on the basketball court, near the fighting.

Someone turned as she landed, a chain in hand, and she immediately shoved him into the fence, and yanked the chain across the court. "Disarming first!" Dinah called to Blossom to remind her.

"Got it!" And she did, literally and figuratively. She maneuvered the yo-yo and tossed the bat into the distance, only to have another one knock her from her floating position to the ground immediately afterwards.

"Ah?! Coward!" She hated sneak attacks from behind. She shook herself and stood back up, sending her yo-yo to fly after the young man who was now using the bat against one of the other teens.

She lassoed the young man and took off, dragging him along the ground away from the fight for a few feet, then sending him flying the rest of the way on his own. She was already heading back after someone else, another yo-yo in hand, when she heard him bodyslam against the far fence.

Dinah had also remembered that cover your partner reminder from Roy, and was busy doing just that, kicking and punching two young guys who seemed to feel that party-crashers were unwelcome at their fight. Not easy, and she had to use TK to do it, but neither of them were trained fighters, just big and pushy.

More bats were yanked out of more hands, and sent across the court. There were only about ten guys total-- and then she saw the guy with the knife, still fighting with another teen, holding a ball. "Blossom! Knife!" She tried to yank it out of the kid's hand, but even as she reached for it, it had already sunk into the other young man's abdomen. "Damnit."

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Blossom was remembering a few things too, like she had to move differently and watch more places when faced with a group of enemies. She grabbed hold of the end of a rusty pipe that someone was holding and pivoted in place to send him flying into the two guys she heard coming up behind her. That put her into position to see the knife just as Dinah hollered.

"Right! I see it!" Unfortunately, there were also small chunks of concrete being tossed at her by an angry teen girl who had apparently been watching the game and been the one they'd heard screaming at the start of the fight. Blossom blocked a few with her arm before finally hitting one back at the girl with the pipe and then running off to the guy who'd been stabbed.

The chunk of concrete went well over the girl's head, but it was enough to scare her into running off into the darkness like many of the others that had been in the fight.

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