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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Saturday evening
After about a three-hour shower (well, it felt like it, anyway) Dinah was finally de-chocolated, and feeling human and not like a Creature from the Chocolate Gloop any more. She had the door open, and music on, waiting for Priestly to stop by so they could talk, and Camille frolicking with a catnip mouse on her bed.

Probably a good time to do some research, since kissing various guys hadn't gotten her any closer to the identity of the Blue Beetle. Even if it had been a lot of fun. She might as well learn a little more about the object of her current crushing, even if she couldn't find him again. Her only clue was his appearance, and the name, so she typed "beetle" into Wikipedia, and scrolled through waaaay too much bug information (although, the scientific name meant 'shield-wing' which she thought was pretty cool) until she hit the name scarab beetle.

Scarab. Scarab? No. Way. Modeled upon the Scarabaeidae family dung beetle, the scarabthe ancient Egyption mythos, the sun (Ra) rolls across the sky each day and transforms bodies and souls.... Transformation. Shape-shifting suit. Which BB had said was alien technology. Which... Jaime also had a version of, in his head. Called Scarab. And she'd said she thought BB was cute and all that other stuff. "Oh for the love of... Blue Beetle, you are a dead man."

[expecting one, but open if you want to stop by; all IC informational searches done with approval & encouragement of the real BB.

Contents of conversation with Priestly are NFB. ]

"I come bearing spiced chai." Priestly held up a thermos of hot water and a can of powdered tea. "Figured you'd've had enough of chocolate."

Dinah shut down her screen, feeling way out of sorts, but grinned for Priestly. "You are a lifesaver. I love the idea of chai righ now."

"I thoughtcha might. What're you researching?"

Dinah took a sip of the chai, happily humming, then glared at the computer. "Well... I maybe just got bit by my own nosiness. I don't know." She considered. "No names? And you be honest about whether I'm crossing a line?"

"Of course. That's part of my sousy duties, right?"

"It is!" Dinah grinned at him, and sighed. "So, I met a superhero, over gremlin weekend. With a codename, and a mask, and a voice distorter... and he was really cool." She turned a little red. "And maybe I was crushing on him?"

"So you've found yourself a man of mystery. I don't think it's wrong to crush on him a little."

Dinah turned more red. "Do you think it's wrong to maybe look around the school, and try to figure out who he is? I mean... It's not like I'd announce his identity, if I figured it out." She blew out a breath, and said, "Or to look up his codename on the internet, for clues?"

"Well, uh. Maybe try to meet him more than once?"

Dinah paused, diverted. "Point. That might be a good idea." She frowned. "I think I figured it out? And I think I told the guy about superhero guy already. In his secret identity. And thus, I feel like hiding under the bed. I am a dork."

"Wait, wait, wait. You're losing me there. You told what guy about what superhero guy? The real guy who's also the real guy? But in his --" Priestly's head hurt. "Yeah, you lost me."

Dinah put her hands over her face and mumbled, face on fire, "I told Mr. Secret Identity-- or the guy who I think is Mr. Secret Identity-- that I thought his alter ego the Superhero was way cute already. If I'm right." She paused. "I could be wrong, though. Man, I hope I'm wrong."

"Oof. Embarrassing." Maybe? He might not still be following that. "How'd he react?"

"Kind of 'oh really'?" She frowned. "Maybe I've got it wrong. Maybe it's not him. It adds up, but... coincidence? Maybe?" Dinah rubbed her cheeks, then took another sip of her chai. "Gah. Maybe I should take out an ad in the paper, asking Superhero guy out for a date?"

"Yeah, that might actually be kinda creepy. Where'd you manage to meet him?"

"During the gremlin fighting. He helped me find some to fight, then flew me to Caritas when I got hurt." Dinah bit her lip, and then looked back at her computer. "So I should let it go? Pretend I don't suspect? At all?" She drooped a little. "And not see him again, if I'm wrong."

"I don't think you have to go that far. I mean, it's natural to be curious, right?"

"Yeah," Dinah said tentatively, then frowned. "So what's a good compromise?" Really wanting to know, too torn to be sure on her own behalf right now.

Priestly shrugged. "I dunno. I guess play it by ear. Do you like the guy who you think is the guy?"

Oh, you had to ask that, didn't you, Priestly?

Dinah pinked up again, and mumbled, "Yeah. I've had a teeny crush on him for a while, I guess." Or not so teeny.

"So maybe see where that gets ya and if he's the guy then that's cool and if he's not then he's still a guy you like, anyway."

Which was more... real... than crushing on a superhero. Which maybe had been why the superhero thing had been easier to admit to. "Hunh." Dinah considered that, then grinned at Priestly. "How are you this smart, darnit?"

Priestly grinned. "It's a natural talent."

Dinah snickered, and sipped her chai. "So, yeah. Oh! And. Someone followed me and Momoko on Thursday." She wasn't going to mention Roy's name, but she did look kind of chagrined.

"Dinah!" Priestly shook his head. "You let yourself get followed?"

Dinah double-facepalmed. "I know, I know, I know...."

It really was the most embarrassing part. "Then they kind of critiqued what we were doing. Starting with the helmet and then the mistakes when we took down some muggers. Which I still say we could've done fine with, but. Man."

". . . wait, what helmet?"

Dinah grimaced, then blurted, "I've been wearing a motorcycle helmet to conceal who I am, because Momoko can completely change her appearance but I can't, and I don't know which Baltimore it is we're in when we go crimefighting, and if it's mine, I really don't want to get arrested there, so, yeah. Helmet." She paused, and then said, "Too dorky?"