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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A new rooftop in Baltimore, Thursday evening
Seven stories above the ground, Dinah leaned on the railing around the parking garage, and contemplated the nice little intersection of allies, parking spaces, and shops open near the fashion district. "If something illegal's going to happen near the mall this evening, it'll happen here."

[NFB due to distance, for one who's expected... and one who is not.]

"Not getting here in time for that sale should be illegal." Blossom pouted a bit as she looked through the binoculars. "That dress in the display window was totally cute. Does that drug store look open to you? The street sign's on, but not the actual store lights and I can't tell."

"Nah, I think they've closed up," Dinah decided, sliding a look over at Blossom. "And we're on patrol, Blossom. Priorities. And there's no way Triela would let you get her a pink dress." She shook her head, amused, then squinted down at the alley. "Hey. Look at that."

Two guys dressed in hoodies were following two teenage girls a little too closely.

"The dress was totally for me, don't worry." She followed Dinah's gaze and frowned. It was rather odd looking. It looked suspicious, but, "they could totally just be on a date, you know."

The two guys seemed to speed up as the girls passed under the glow of a street lamp. The last working street lamp for a few yards.

"A really weird date that isn't going so well?" She wasn't taking her eyes off them.

"Then they won't mind if we just hover in the background," Dinah said, her voice tense, then tapped Blossom's arm. "Time to jet, Hyper. Very discreetly, maybe a story above them?" She reached out her hand to Blossom. "Let's go."

"At the least, it's a lovely night for a stroll in the air, T.K. Let's go!" Blossom nodded and took her hand, jumping up briefly to get some lift before heading down.

They 'arrived' just in time to see the two young men rush up to the girls. One of them pulled a hand from his pocket, shoving a rather large knife against the taller girl's throat as he pinned her to a wall.

"Whoah! Bad touch!"

Dinah didn't want to yank on that knife, so close to the girl's throat, not when she couldn't get a clear sight-line and be sure she wouldn't get hurt. "Hey! Let her go. Nobody has to get hurt here," she ordered, sidling so as to get in between the second girl and her incipient attacker. "You guys want to take someone on, we're up for it."

"Back off, bitch. This ain't your call," the guy with the knife sneered. His grip tightened on the girl and she started to cry. "You take off that motorcycle helmet, see if it's worth making a trade."

The second mugger reached for Dinah, and got punched in the face for the effort.

"Oh well. I tried."

"You did, T.K. I'll vouch for that." Blossom had her yo-yo out and was busy glaring at the guy with the knife. "You know it's totally not cool to take a hostage. You should let her go and fight like a man."

He glared back and nudged the knife even closer, a small dot of blood appearing. "Fuck off, pinky," he snarled.

Blossom responded by flying backwards a foot and tossing her yo-yo at his arm with enough force to cause him to drop the knife and grab his arm in pain. The girl fell to the ground and Blossom scooped her up just as the crook grabbed the knife again.

"Aw man, I should have hit him harder."

Edited at 2010-01-29 03:26 am (UTC)

Suddenly, the guy's shoulder was pinned to the wall behind him by a red arrow, and he'd dropped the knife in favor of yowling in pain.

"Stop whining," a voice called from a nearby fire escape. "I barely scratched you." His hand had wavered a little, but he'd still mostly gotten sweatshirt.

Dinah had kicked out sharply to the other guy's knee, and grabbed his arm to twist, then stopped in mid-take-down to gape.

"R...right." No names! No names! What the heck? "No whining!"

The guy whose arm she was twisting whimpered.

Blossom had flown up higher at the sudden incoming arrow, causing the girl she was carrying to screech and throw scrawny arms around Blossom's neck.


"We tried to warn you, remember?" Blossom tried to look calm as she returned to the ground and restored the girl to her friend, who had been crouched against the wall, crying.

"Ladies," Roy said from his perch in the shadows. His voice was calm and practically cheerful, and maybe a little lower than it usually was. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?"

Dinah really wished she thought he was referring to the two guys who were getting beat up as 'ladies.'

The two girls were now standing to one side, shaking and sniffling, but safe, so she told them, "We've got this. Just go down the block, and report the mugging, okay?"

She waited 'til they moved off to yell back up to the fire escape, "Our jobs, what does it look like?"

Whimpering guy gulped questioningly. "Shush."

Blossom frowned into the darkness, trying to make out the voice. It sounded a wee bit familiar, but how? "But thank you for the help," she added. It never hurt to be on the good side of a superhero.

"Get this the fuck off me!" The former knife wielder was struggling, trying to get loose. Blossom leaned over and shoved him even flatter against the wall, making him catch his breath.

"Hey? Uhm. Can I take this out so I can tie him up? Or should I just leave it alone? So you can, uhm, do whatever?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?" Roy asked Dinah wryly, then told Blossom, "Sure. Or you could just leave him there and I could shoot the other side, too, to keep him there." He made sure to sound very threatening indeed as he said it, and sure enough, the guy pinned to the wall stopped struggling and glanced nervously in the general direction of his voice.

Dinah grimaced in Roy's direction, not just suspecting now, but knowing who that was, and boy, were they ever going to have a conversation in a minute, she could tell.

"Less talking, more restraining." She could hear sirens in the distance. "And I think that's our group exit cue." She threw her opponent into the wall, and as he slumped down it, groaning, told both the muggers, "Stay here and have a nice chat with the police. Don't make us come looking for you." She held out her hand to Blossom. "Where we were before, partner. Think you can keep up, shadow-guy?"

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