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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday afternoon
Dinah was released from the clinic after the accident on the beach. Concussion, not fun. Bruised ribs, not fun. Cuts all over her arms, gah.

She had the lights low and the door half-open, lying down and half-dozing with Camille curled up on her un-hurt side.

[expecting a couple, but open]

Dinah didn't open her eyes, but waved her arms in agreement, then winced. "I don't think she has a non-general non-ordering-around mode." And it would almost be sweet, if she wasn't still really furious at Azula's attitude. "She's a good teacher. And I'm used to ego from dealing with Arthur. But Arthur never got me hurt, damnit. An entire year of training with him and the worst I got was bruises." And he was going to say I told you so and that was going to suck.

Dinah cracked open one eye at that last statement, then smiled at Karla as Camille curled up against her good side. "You'll hear me yelling in my head." No, Dinah would be throwing a chair at Azula in her current mood, but why not give Karla the option. "If the entire dorm doesn't hear me calling her names."

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"I have a list back in my dorm," Karla offered. "If you start running out of names to use, I can run and get it for you."

Friends helped each other out in times of adversity.

She eyed Dinah again. "Would you like me to put together a few things for you? Some salves to help with the bruising and the skinned...everything, some muscle-relaxers to keep your from stiffening up when you sleep, and maybe a few head-ache teas? Your concussion isn't bad, but it's not great, either."

Dinah snickered at that, winced, but it was worth it. Some of her anger was starting to back off. She smiled at Karla, and said, "The muscle relaxers would be good. And the salves. We'll see about the teas, maybe tomorrow or this weekend?" Mixing drugs and magic remedies sounded like a bad plan, but hey. Maybe they'd work better. "Thanks, Karla." She reached out to touch her, and sent, I'll be okay. Seriously. The low throb of the diminishing headache made her wince as she sent, then sigh. Just need rest, mostly.

Bah! How would they ever know whether or not it was a good idea if no one ever took them together?

"I'll make some up anyway," Karla decided, clasping Dinah's hand briefly. She didn't sent words, just a small thread of friendship and relief that she was going to be okay. "If you need them, you can have them and if not, well, they're useful to have on hand anyway." She leaned over and smoothed Dinah's blankets up, pausing to pat Camille. "I'm going. You sleep. I might duck in later to drop off a basket of goodies, okay? I'll just leave them on your desk and you'll never even know I was here."

"Awesome," Dinah sighed, and closed her eyes. "That works." She hugged Camille close, half-asleep already. "See you tomorrow."

"See you tomorrow, Dinah," Karla murmured, slipping out and closing the door a little behind her.