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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday afternoon
Dinah was released from the clinic after the accident on the beach. Concussion, not fun. Bruised ribs, not fun. Cuts all over her arms, gah.

She had the lights low and the door half-open, lying down and half-dozing with Camille curled up on her un-hurt side.

[expecting a couple, but open]

"Azula did this to you?" Karla asked, voice soft. She stilled for a moment, absorbing that bit of information along with all of the injuries that Dinah had sustained.

Anger has no place in the sickroom. Anger has no place in the sickroom.

Karla sent a few curls of Craft along Dinah's tense and aching muscles, soothing the pain away. It wouldn't heal her any, but it would help her sleep, which was the most important thing. Save finding out more about what happened. "Why on earth was she showing off by blowing up rocks with you nearby?"

"Because she's a moron!" Dinah tensed again, then started to relax, and sighed. "Because she got pouty during the training spar when I did better than she expected. She wanted to show me something 'spectacular.' Told me to move, but I was too close and barely had time before she was throwing lightning around." Dinah grimaced, then closed her eyes as some of the tension eased off. "She was still winning. She's miles better than me. I got her wet, so what. I didn't dunk her like last time."

Karla's jaw set, but her touch with Craft remained gentle. "I'm sorry that happened to you, hon," she said quietly. "I am unimpressed by her behavior." Which was an understatement, but the mantra was still going loud in her head. "Lightning's not a toy to play with when you want to show off. Are you still going to practice with her?"

"I don't know. I'm too pissed to think about it now." Dinah really wanted to keep learning the water and earth-bending, but not if it meant putting up with Azula's temper. "She was sorry, I think. She admitted she screwed up. Didn't actually apologize, because princesses don't do that, any more than Arthur would... But if I'm just going to keep finding things that'll set her off while she teaches, this is it, I've had it." If any of those rocks had hit her eyes-- or if they'd smashed a rib, not just bruised it, she'd be in recovery for months. Not just a week.

Without special assistance it would have been months, but Dinah was adored by too many people with powers to let her suffer anywhere near that long.

"Hey, I apologize," Karla protested, keeping her voice fairly low so it didn't disturb Dinah. And ignoring the fact that while she did sometimes apologize, she didn't do it often. Or well.

Dammit, Dinah, don't make her actually realize that she has things in common with Arthur! It isn't nice!

"It isn't like you don't have time to think about it before you come to a decision. 100% of the Healers in this room would prefer if you didn't do any training for awhile, even with people who don't behave like spoiled children." A beat and then, chagrined she added, "You know Lady Ghanima won't let you into Fight Club like this."

"Oh, maaaan..." Oh, that was even more annoying. Dinah had thought she was just going to have a quieter weekend than usual, maybe, but if she started missing stuff-- "And Arthur's going to say the same thing if my ribs aren't completely healed by Monday. Damnit." Well, they would just have to be, that was all. She'd be a good girl and take her meds and rest and ice and by Monday she'd be fine. Yes! Arthur practiced wounded. She could do it too.

"You're a Queen, not a princess of the Fire Nation and a general, and a general pain-in-the-ass." Dinah shook her head, and said, "And if you see Griff, hug him. I owe him for getting me to the clinic extra-fast, and bringing me home."

It was like Karla could read her mind. "You take it easy or you'll just end up hurting yourself more and for longer," she warned; a little annoyed that she knew Arthur would interfere if he thought Dinah was in any risk of harming herself. It was so much better when she could ignore the fact he had any redeeming qualities at all.

She was about to suggest baking Griff cookies as a thank you, but she didn't want Dinah laughing right now. Or wincing, either. "I will," she promised. "I'm glad he did. How did he manage to escape unscathed?"

Grumble, grumble. Supergirl could heal at the speed of her willpower! Watch her!... and crap, this might mean no patrolling with Momoko until way later this week too. Damnit. But she couldn't back up and take that back now, or Karla would get suspicious. Not that she didn't trust her, but Dinah wanted their crimefighting in Baltimore to be more established, more successful, before she told anyone besides Priestly. If they got busted their second week out, it would be really humiliating.

"He wasn't nearby, he saw the rock explode from down the beach, and came over to see what was up. Then volunteered to get me to a doctor." Dinah's eyes shifted sideways. Griff's secrets weren't hers to blab, even if it might make Radio. "Which... anyway." Yeah. "He was nice enough to hang out talking to Azula while Simon patched me up."

"He should have been doing something a little more direct than just talking to her," Karla grumbled. "Something closer to tossing her out on her ear."

Karla might have asked more questions about Griff getting Dinah to the clinic so fast if she hadn't been distracted by the mention of Azula.

"If she shows up while you're resting, I will throw her out," Karla warned, not that she really had the authority to do that. Or would let that stop her anyway. "If she's lucky, I might even open the door first."

Dinah snorted, then smirked. "Well, Griff didn't know Azula had done it. I was too out of it to tell him, and we were in a rush. And I seriously doubt she said 'I blew up a rock' to a guy she just met in the waiting room. He heard me ream Azula out in the waiting room, but then we left." Although she had been a little too interested in Griff, there. Which... kind of worried Dinah. Azula being interested in her had led to this, after all.

"She ordered me to get some rest. Bi-atch." Dinah closed her eyes, grumbling. "Doubt she'll come looking. She knows I'm angry at her. She's smart enough to let me cool off." Waaay too smart to make an obvious mistake.

"Ordered you? She ordered you? Who the Hell does she think she is?" Karla snapped. "She doesn't have the right to order you to do anything. Someone needs to remind her that this isn't her bloody Fire Nation and she just can't go around ordering people to do stuff."

It didn't matter it was for Dinah's own good. Dinah was smart enough to figure out she needed to rest without any stupid Fire Princess's intervention.

"If she does, though, you just call me. I'll be here in a second to boot her ass out of here."

Karla didn't really need the extra indignation towards Azula, but it really was for the best if she didn't think too hard about the real reason she was so pissed off.

Dinah didn't open her eyes, but waved her arms in agreement, then winced. "I don't think she has a non-general non-ordering-around mode." And it would almost be sweet, if she wasn't still really furious at Azula's attitude. "She's a good teacher. And I'm used to ego from dealing with Arthur. But Arthur never got me hurt, damnit. An entire year of training with him and the worst I got was bruises." And he was going to say I told you so and that was going to suck.

Dinah cracked open one eye at that last statement, then smiled at Karla as Camille curled up against her good side. "You'll hear me yelling in my head." No, Dinah would be throwing a chair at Azula in her current mood, but why not give Karla the option. "If the entire dorm doesn't hear me calling her names."

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"I have a list back in my dorm," Karla offered. "If you start running out of names to use, I can run and get it for you."

Friends helped each other out in times of adversity.

She eyed Dinah again. "Would you like me to put together a few things for you? Some salves to help with the bruising and the skinned...everything, some muscle-relaxers to keep your from stiffening up when you sleep, and maybe a few head-ache teas? Your concussion isn't bad, but it's not great, either."

Dinah snickered at that, winced, but it was worth it. Some of her anger was starting to back off. She smiled at Karla, and said, "The muscle relaxers would be good. And the salves. We'll see about the teas, maybe tomorrow or this weekend?" Mixing drugs and magic remedies sounded like a bad plan, but hey. Maybe they'd work better. "Thanks, Karla." She reached out to touch her, and sent, I'll be okay. Seriously. The low throb of the diminishing headache made her wince as she sent, then sigh. Just need rest, mostly.

Bah! How would they ever know whether or not it was a good idea if no one ever took them together?

"I'll make some up anyway," Karla decided, clasping Dinah's hand briefly. She didn't sent words, just a small thread of friendship and relief that she was going to be okay. "If you need them, you can have them and if not, well, they're useful to have on hand anyway." She leaned over and smoothed Dinah's blankets up, pausing to pat Camille. "I'm going. You sleep. I might duck in later to drop off a basket of goodies, okay? I'll just leave them on your desk and you'll never even know I was here."

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