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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday afternoon
Dinah was released from the clinic after the accident on the beach. Concussion, not fun. Bruised ribs, not fun. Cuts all over her arms, gah.

She had the lights low and the door half-open, lying down and half-dozing with Camille curled up on her un-hurt side.

[expecting a couple, but open]

Dinah considered, then grumbled and put the ice pack on her head, instead of her ribs. "If I were a better person, I'd tell you not to."

She really didn't feel like a good person right now, no. Or care.

"Right, so I'm totally doing it." Priestly reached over to pat her on the arm. "You need anything?"

"Could you come by in a few hours, wake me up?" Dinah checked. "It's the concussion. If I wake up fine, it's all good. But if you can't, you need to call the clinic." She grimaced. "It's just a precaution for tonight. Simon said it wasn't a severe concussion."

"Yeah, no problem." That request wasn't dropping his worry any, though. "You want me to scoot so you can get some sleep?"

"Enh. Not quite yet... did you audition today?" Darn, she'd missed that, too. "How'd it go?"

"Good!" Priestly grinned. "I did a speech by Antony. Totally got the whole drama thing down, now."

"Cooooool. Hope we both get to be in it one last time," Dinah said. She squinted at him for a second. "Is that a new hair color?" Forgive her. She has a concussion.

"Almost daily." Also, there was the spaghetti sauce. "I should probably get a shower in, soon."

Dinah giggled weakly. The slight tomato-y smell was a hint. "Maybe?" Her eyes drifted shut. "I'll be here when you get back from that."

"Just consider me your concussion buddy."