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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday afternoon
Dinah was released from the clinic after the accident on the beach. Concussion, not fun. Bruised ribs, not fun. Cuts all over her arms, gah.

She had the lights low and the door half-open, lying down and half-dozing with Camille curled up on her un-hurt side.

[expecting a couple, but open]

Tony came by right after auditions. "Hey," he said, lingering at the door. "You okay?"

Dinah looked up from the bed, gave him a half-smile. "Sorta? Sorta not. C'mon in." Not getting up. Not using TK, either. "My head is killing me."

Tony came in and sat down on Claire's bed. "What happened?"

"Training accident." Dinah half-closed her eyes, and grimaced. "Azula was showing off, threw some lightning at a boulder. Blew it up. I got hit."

"Not cool," Tony said. "What'd the doc say?"

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Karla who is now on extreme SP but wanted to be there for Dinah popped by after class.

"Kiss kiss," she said, poking her head through the door. "Whatcha--Hell's fire, Mother Night and may the Darkness be merciful. What happened to you?" She didn't wait for an invitation to come in, but pushed her way in. "Can I do anything?"

"Never stand next to a rock that's going to blow up," Dinah tried to joke, but sounded more tired to her own ears than amused. "Mmmmm, prob'ly not? It looks worse than it is. I took drugs. Should kick in soon."

Yeah, the bruising wasn't pretty from the spar, and then the shrapnel on top of that-- Dinah kind of looked like she'd been through a sandstorm without cover.

"Mother Night, Dinah, what happened? Was the island blowing rocks up? You look like someone took a cheese grater to you."

That Karla, so diplomatic.

"Your sure you don't want a Healing?" she asked, eying the bruising. She extended the smallest tendril of Craft to get a better idea of what was wrong.

"Yeah, I'm sure." Dinah was beginning to hit that exhausted-but-mellow place where good drugs and good rest got you. Karla would probably find the bruised-and-almost-cracked ribs on the right side, the concussion, and all the cuts and bruises on her arms. Emotionally, roiling right under the surface, there was a level of pissed-off that Dinah didn't usually attain. "You'd just exhaust yourself too. If the headache comes back, maybe...." She shook her head, and irritation made her grit her teeth again as her muscles twinged. "No, Azula was blowing rocks up." Still angry enough not to need to protect her right now. "The show-off."

"Azula did this to you?" Karla asked, voice soft. She stilled for a moment, absorbing that bit of information along with all of the injuries that Dinah had sustained.

Anger has no place in the sickroom. Anger has no place in the sickroom.

Karla sent a few curls of Craft along Dinah's tense and aching muscles, soothing the pain away. It wouldn't heal her any, but it would help her sleep, which was the most important thing. Save finding out more about what happened. "Why on earth was she showing off by blowing up rocks with you nearby?"

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Priestly had no idea anything might have happened, but he was kinda giddy about his audition and had to go share. The dim lights dampened his cheer a little when he got there.

"Dinah? You okay?"

Dinah opened her eyes, then made a see-saw motion with her hand when she saw Priestly. "'m not badly hurt. Just feel sucky. Got hurt during training. C'mon in."

"Dude, hurt how?" Priestly hurried over, then crouched down near her. "What kind of training?"

"The earth and water telekinesis training with Azula. Exam day." Dinah grimaced, still way annoyed about many parts of that. "She blew up a rock with lightning. I was too close. I wish I felt well enough to smack her."

Priestly scowled. "Screw that. I'll do it. She'll never see me coming."

She totally would. Priestly lacked stealth.

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