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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A random rooftop, a random warehouse, a random waterfront: Baltimore
"...So, how old were you when you and your friends started doing this?"

Dinah kicked her legs out over the edge of the warehouse, watching the neighborhood through a pair of binoculars. As promised, wearing teal. Leather jacket, teal jeans, and there was a motorcycle helmet right next to her.

She really had to get on that mask thing.

[for Hyper!!! and NFB due to distance-- except for any oblique commentary of Layla's]

"Since we were thirteen, so about four years now? Although I've been wanting to be a superhero for ages and was always doing what I could! Even before I got my powers. That's kinda how I got them really."

Blossom was looking as well. She wasn't sure, yet, what exactly for, but she was looking. As much as it was totally not in her style, Blossom was going to have to be following Dinah's lead on a lot of stuff for a while. Even if she wasn't the one wearing red.

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"Wow. That's young. Not as young as some, but still." Dinah handed over the binoculars, and said, "Okay, so I've got the cell we bought, and tonight, probably just a good idea to get familiar with what the area looks like when it's not in the middle of a carjacking. Easier to spot anomalies that way." She nodded at the street. "So. Figure out a way to remember how many buildings here, and how many stories, and how many are lit up at this time of night."

They had to memorize the city?

"We have to memorize the city?" Momoko blinked and raised the glasses. "Maybe we should come again earlier in the day, then, too? I'm better once I've visited places in person." She focussed in on a building a block away. It was still under construction and there seemed to be a few people milling about the machinery. "How old were you? You said you were born with your powers, right? I wish I had been!" Ah, all of them were wearing hardhats... that looked okay, then.

"I was nine when I got my first power." Dinah's voice was calm, but it took an effort. "Which was not a fun one. Dreaming other people's... problems." She swallowed, then said more carefully, "I was twelve when I got touch-telepathy. And sixteen when I got telekinesis." She was looking down the street, checking out the area, noting a 7-11 open two blocks down, a parking garage a block past that; and in the other direction, the construction Blossom had noted. "I didn't get to be a superhero 'til I moved to New Gotham, though. Not a lot of crime in a tiny town in Missouri."

She grinned. "We don't have to memorize the whole town. Just get familiar enough to realize 'something's off' when we're in a place, you know?"

"So can you still dream about people's lives? That sounds like it could be pretty weird."No, Blossom hadn't missed the cooling of Dinah's voice, but she wasn't sure if she should pursue it or not. "I always wanted powers or a cool mecha or something, but never really thought of that one! At nine that must have been even weirder."

She watched a man walk down the street towards an alley and tensed a moment when a second person stepped out behind him. "Was that why you moved to New Gotham? For the crime? You know that's why most people leave a city, right?" she joked, still watching the two people. Money exchange hands, but nothing more.

Dinah had the binoculars in hand again; she saw money, but nothing like drugs-- slips of paper. Gambling, maybe. "Kind of, yeah," she said, keeping it vague but upbeat. "I got into it by accident. It's what I want to do with my life, though." Maybe some of Roy's secret-keeping was rubbing off on her again. She'd been living by Fandom Rules for a year, instead of New Gotham Rules; but Need to Know was still a good idea.

"I was thinking we shouldn't interfere with crimes here in Baltimore until they turn violent," Dinah said hesitantly. "Like, whatever those two guys down there are doing." She handed over the binoculars to Blossom. "They could both be criminals, or one could be a cop. Not something for us to get involved in."

"I like that idea, if we're going to get in trouble for stuff we do get involved in. It's better to stick to heavy stuff. Plus that way we won't get noticed as much. I like your idea of using the rooftops." She stretched and set the binoculars between them. "It's nice to know someone who shares your dream, even if they came into it a different way, you know? I was laughed at a lot at home, so even though this is different, it's still nice! Thanks for suggesting it. Even though I am a burden to you, since I'm new at this type."

"Please! You're not a burden." Dinah bumped her shoulder against Momoko's. "Just a rookie at this part. That's all. You have to look out for rookies." Thanks, Reno. "And yeah. I mean, this isn't New Gotham, or Tokyo. We'll report stuff we know is a crime, like they ask you to on that City website. But only jump in if someone's going to get hurt." Some of what Ms. Cabot had been saying today in class had sunk in and was hanging onto Dinah's brain but good.

Blossom chuckled at being called a rookie, for all that it was technically true. She bowed her head and raised clasped hands at her friend: "Hai hai, Lance-sempai! Please take care of me!"

A squeal of tires interrupted, as someone decided it was a good time to speed through a turn. Blossom frowned as the car narrowly missed a cat trying to cross the road. "Ahhh. You sure we can't take on a few idiots, though?"

Dinah snorted, and tugged on Momoko's hair, then followed her gaze to the speeding car. "Yeah, I'm sure. Totally not worth it. A guy like that's going to pay in his insurance rates eventually." She shook her head, and her eyes sharpened at the sight of a uniformed officer chasing a couple younger guys down the street. Both were wearing ski masks and carrying trash bags; not too difficult to figure out what was up.

"Stop! This is the police!"

Another cop was pursuing from down another direction, and tried to cut one of the men off, but was evaded as the runner jumped up onto a dumpster, then pushed it in the cop's way.


She had heard the shouts, too, but went from watching the chase to watching Dinah after hearing her 'hmm'.

"??" Blossom was going to have to get used to the not-talking part of this job, right? She made an exaggerated face at Dinah, wondering why she was interested when there was already an officer on the scene.

Dinah was remembering the distance to the parking garage down the block, and wondering what the odds were that they had a car there were. "Those guys might get away."

Okay. Not interfering, not messing with the chain of evidence, but...

"You know, if we just make it a little harder for the criminals, without getting in the way-- it might be a good exercise."

"Huh." That was an idea she could get behind! Blossom turned back to the scene and tried to come up with an idea. "What are you thinking would do the trick?" She retrieved her yo-yo and tossed it in the air, considering her options. There weren't many, when the point was to stay unseen.

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"He just pushed a dumpster at that cop. If there was another barrier or two between them and the rest of the street..." Dinah tilted her head. "Like another fence around that corner, or a few more dumpsters spread out in that alley--" The time to act was now. "Think you can fly us over to that roo, without them seeing us? And help me pull and push some of that construction stuff there into their path?"

She pocketed her yo-yo again and lifted off the roof a few inches, holding out her hand. "We just want to slow them down, right? You're thinking they're heading towards there?" She nodded towards the garage. She could totally pull those metal gates down, blocking the car-sized access and forcing them to go in through the door all the way on the other end.

"Exactly," Dinah confirmed. "The more we can slow them down...." She grabbed Momoko's hand, and took a breath. "Ready when you are."

Pshh. Ready? Blossom waited only until she had a firm grip, then lifted them up and into the sky. "I'll get you to the roof, then see about closing off the garage doors before joining you again, okay?"

"Works," Dinah said, keeping her voice low, and hanging on tight to Blossom's wrist. This was fun, but not as fun as flying under her own power. There was that breathless moment of wondering if she'd be able to catch herself, and air-walk down, if Blossom did have to drop her.

She alighted on the roof just fine, though, and saluted Blossom before putting on her motorcycle helmet, and going to peer over the edge of the building. Ha. Let's see....

It took effort at this distance, but she managed to push a few more garbage cans rolling into the paths of the oncoming burglars, tangling them up, and then sent a dumpster rolling toward them too, slowing them further.

Now it was down to Blossom and the gate.

Blossom flew around and into the building as fast as she could. Standing directly under the first set of giant metal gates, she gave a small bounce and grabbed on, pulling then down with her full weight and strength. It slammed shut rather loudly and jangly. "Whoops."

She floated to the second set and managed them a bit quieter by holding them as they shut. As she left to rejoin Dinah, she jammed a discarded piece of pipe between the handle and the jamb so it (hopefully) couldn't turn.

Dinah gave her a thumb's up as she re-appeared, and grinned as the burglars had to run more of an obstacle course now, around the blockages she'd set up.

They finally made it to the gate, and then started to panic as they couldn't get the doors open--

and then the police caught up, and tackled one, then the other.

"Yes!" she whispered to Blossom, and held up her hand for a high-five.

Which high-five was totally completed! Once Blossom had stopped making faces at the men being dragged down the street to the patrol car that had finally shown up. Not that they could see her, but it was fun to do.

"That was totally different and very cool and I don'think they saw a thing," she whispered back, gleefully. "Good job, T.K.!"

"Thanks and back at you. Hyper." Dinah grinned. "Want to go back and get food at the diner now?"

"I can't believe you have to ask!" She laughed. "If you make me walk back from here, though, you are totally buying my first piece of cake!"