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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Wednesday evening
Dinah had the door open, the cat distracted with her catnip mouse, Assassin's Creed blitzing on the laptop (thank you, Karla) and a tin full of Alfred cookies. (Made by real butlers, from real cookie stuff.) Mindless entertainment for the win!

[open as it says, will be a link drop later; content of conversation NFB now, but fine to say Roy visited.]

Roy headed toward Dinah's room, hesitated, then made himself move forward and knock on her doorframe.

Dinah looked up, then brightened, sitting up. "Roy, hey! C'mon in. Pull up a seat. How are things going-- aww, nuts." Her assassin fell through a roof and died of a broken neck. "Teach me not to hit pause."

"Hi, Dinah, I--I'm really sorry to bother you," Roy said, moving into the room but not sitting down. He thought that might be overly familiar or something. "It's just that, you know, I'm new here and I don't really know anybody, and--" he stopped before he could say, 'you're Dinah Lance.' She already knew that.

"Dude! Mi casa es tu casa." Dinah smiled and moved over on her bed, so he could sit there, or the papa-san chair that Camille was frolicking around, ignoring the newcomer. "You're like, the first emissary from somewhere like home that I've seen in months. Of course you're welcome. Want something to drink? Or some cookies?"

Roy was a teenaged boy. Of course he wanted a cookie. He moved further into the room and sat down on the edge of the papa-san and said, "If you don't mind, sure, I'd like a cookie. Uh. I know this is...really weird." She had no idea how weird it was for him, but he got that it had to be weird for her, too.

Dinah relaxed a little more at that, and smiled ruefully. "Yeeeah. I mean, I keep wanting to ask about your dad, then thinking, 'do I really want to know'?" She sighed, then grinned, and floated the tin of cookies over to him without the lid. "What's up?"

And let's see if his Dinah could do that, hmm?

Had she said something? She'd said something, but the cookies were floating. The cookies were floating. "S-so you--uh. Telekinesis, huh?"

"Yup!" Dinah zipped one cookie back to herself, and settled the cookies down on the desk next to him. "Not your Dinah, hunh?" She wanted to show him the Black Canary poster, but... "Tony said he talked to you about stuff. Maybe freaked you out a little. Sorry about that." She watched him, a little worried. "You okay?"

Seeing the Black Canary poster would probably be a terrible idea, yeah. "I just--you don't talk about that," he said, sounding kind of hysterical.

No. No, he was not okay. Maybe a cookie would make it better. He took one bite and that thought went out the window, because: "These are Alfred cookies." Yes, he knew them on taste. He looked up at Dinah. "Where the hell did you get Alfred cookies?"

MrrRRphhhle whaaa? And choking, then spraying cookie crumbs, because: "Wait wait wait how do you know Alfred cookies??" Wait, did other-her still get care packages? What? How? "How do you know Alfred?!"

"How do you know Alfred? Why is he sending you cookies?" He never sent Roy cookies.

"Because he knows I'd eat inferior cookies if I got hungry," Dinah said absently. "And they keep better than muffins... um. I know him, 'cause. Uh." She frowned, really looking closely at Roy now. "He's my sister's butler."

"You have a sister," Roy said. "And Alfred is her butler. Oh God. Oh God, is Bruce a girl? Please tell me Bruce is a girl, that would be just the best thing--wait, how are you--this isn't making sense to me, I'm sorry." He put his face in his hands for a minute, and said, "Okay, so I have this friend, and the guy who adopted him is Alfred's employer, so sometimes I get cookies. What's your story?"

NFB from here, or Batman will get us.

"Adopted. Me, not the sister," Dinah said, reeling internally, and said, "Wait wait wait, Bruce Wayne adopted your best friend? Um." Too much information at once! Scorecard needed! "Oh oh oh you talked to him, didn't you? And are you talking about Dick? I know him!"

The door just swung very decisively shut on that. "Bruce could never be a girl! C'mon!!"

Edited at 2010-01-07 01:42 am (UTC)

Re: NFB from here, or Batman will get us.

"You know Dick? How do you know Dick if--wait, Bruce isn't a girl?" Roy had kind of wanted Bruce to be a girl. That would be hilarious.