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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Clocktower, Monday morning
There had been a call to Priestly for a sanity check; time spent in Robinson Park, and then hope hope hoping that tonight's sleep would be calm....

"JAK! Come on! This place is creepy!" Daxter you are so not wrong but: A portal. Jak staring at it in disbelief as it sparked to life.

"This place is home, Dax. Lock the door." And Jak stepped into the portal--- And out in Fandom. That was the Causeway, that was the snow she'd just seen last week... "Dax?"

"I'm reading ya, buddy,"
came Dax's voice over Jak's radio-thing. "This portal's giving me no love! It like... ran out of mojo."

"Got it, Dax. I'll get back to you... after I check this out."
And Jak turned toward the town--


END OF LINE. The walls of the Clocktower were flashing the message to Dinah in neon blue English, Spanish, Russian and Sandover letters. She blinked, then looked over at Barbara, seated in front of the Delphi Circuit. "What?"

"Time to sleep, Dinah. Finally."....
And Dinah slid into a dream of Sandover, seagulls, and a little tiny Jak like he'd told her about a week or so ago, playing on the beach.

When she finally woke up late that morning, she took a breath, grabbed her phone and placed another call. Then called Portalocity to confirm her ticket for tomorrow night.

[ooc: The End. Whew. Open for phone calls from friends.

Recapped/twisted with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]