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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Clocktower,very very early Sunday morning
No response yet to Dinah's phone message to Jak. Karla had raised some points a couple days ago that Dinah had to reluctantly admit might be sensible. No word back yet from Tony, but she suspected he'd say a lot of the same things: going to Jak's location was a bad idea, think of something else, et cetera, and so on. She still kept trying Portalocity, to get a ticket for Jak back to Fandom, too. And went out to take down some more muggers with Helena to relax, plus fighting with some after-Christmas-sale burglars on the west side.

She had to calm down somehow.

That one Orwell movie had nothing on this place. Still the same smog when Dinah dove back into her dreams, still the same loudspeakers and ads, and--


Jak crashing a zoomer into a giant face of Baron Praxis on a billboard, and hello and welcome back to the Dark City of Wherever--


--"Metal Heads broke through the old city wall. We fought them. But then the Baron pulled back, leaving everyone outside the new barrier to die. Only the Shadow stayed, and somehow stopped the attack."

Wow. Torn was a complete downer when he wanted something, wasn't he?


Jak was shooting at the Metal-heads with a really shiny gun, smirking as one fell over and a jewel popped out of its head. Holy cow.

"Oh, yeah. That is one pretty baby." Daxter seemed thrilled.

Lots more shooting.
Lots of jewels exploding.
Lots of dead Metal-Heads, and when did Jak turn into the Road Warrior, and when did she not find it surprising any more?

More running, into the ruins of this Deadtown place now, more shooting more shooting more shooting--


Daxter was looking very, very nervous. "...Jaaaak. We don't have any more bullets!"


A burst of red, Jak was hit! and then the damned violet lightshow started again--



"Is that--"

Still alive. Although both guys-- okay, guy and Ottsel-- sounded messed up...?

"Is that--?!"

Jak was looking up at something that looked vaguely familiar to Dinah. Wait.
Wait. Wasn't that--

"No, it couldn't be!"

"It's not--"

"It is."
Jak barely whispered the words, and Dinah really, really wanted to wake up now. Because this couldn't go anywhere good.

"...Samos's hut."

"But how?!"
Daxter looked like he was having a heart attack. "I mean, when--? Where? ...Why?!"

"We're in the future, Dax, This... horrible place, is... our world."
Jak sounded and looked devastated.

Sandover was gone. That's why Portalocity couldn't take her there. That's why she couldn't get to Jak.

His whole world was gone.

Dinah woke up shaking, sick and shocked, sat up, then buried her head on her knees. Remembering the trip they'd taken in October, the plans to see his home again on Spring Break, the beach and the light and the platforms and the kooky cool people and thinking, Jak. Oh God, Jak, I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry....

[establishy, NFI, NFB, OOC = <3 recapped/twisted with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]