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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Clocktower, early Saturday morning
Friday night's dream started with a bang.

"WATCH IT, JAK!"-- a turret exploded --and then Jak and Daxter were climbing onto a roof, scaling down to a skylight.

Someone was talking; the same oily voice that had said to kill Jak a few days ago-- and from the look on Jak's face, he'd recognized the speaker too.

"...The eco will be transported directly to your nest as promised."

"A DEAL. IS OF NO VALUE IF YOU CAN'T DELIVER. I GROW IMPATIENT WITH YOUR PUN GESTURES. GIVE ME THE AGREED UPON ECO SOON, OR OUR DEAL IS OFF. AND YOUR PRECIOUS CITY WILL PAY THE PRICE." That sounded-- weird, not human, and Dinah wished like heck she knew who the players were here. Bad guys, that much was clear, but otherwise, she was just barely following along. Even Jak muttered, "Errol." Clearly, he knew the second human guy talking too.

Most of the rest of it went right over her head too until: "...Ashelin is the Baron's daughter."

Wait. Did that mean that Miss Sexy Hips was a bad guy?

"And find that child!" Praxis was demanding, and nooo! Not the cute little guy! Uh-unh! "If you spent half as much time looking for the little brat as you spent flirting with that mechanic girl, we would have pinned his royal ass to a wall long ago."

"...as you wish." Okay, *definitely* one of the same guys who hurt Jak. Damint.

And then Daxter sneezed.


Jak was booking out of there, Daxter in tow, practically before Praxis finished bellowing. Down the roof, looping around, and then--

"So. We have a rat in the walls."

Jak froze, and turned, and he and Dax faced the Baron, and--


NO! GO BACK! violet lightning again damnit that screws everything up--

The Baron was running away, and Daxter was calling, "Whatever. Bye-bye." So at least Jak won this one... somehow. Even if he didn't exactly look happy....


Uh-oh. Resistance Guy was furious. "-- why are the Krimzon Guard looking for 'a dangerous young man with light hair, a blue tunic, and a rabid orange rat on his shoulder'?"

"Uh...could be anyone. Orange is the new black this season."
Oh, Daxter.

"Look. We climbed up to the Baron's palace and we... tripped a few alarms." Oh, Jak.

Torn was still ticked off, Jak was dismissive, Daxter manic, and God, she really hoped they didn't get themselves killed any time soon.

"...You saw the Metal Head Leader?" the old guy asked looking stricken. Was that who the robot-sounding-guy was?

"...There's armies of Metal Heads on the move in the desert right now," Kor said. "The good Baron must have angered someone."

Not for the first time, Dinah wish Jak and Daxter could just leave already.

"You didn't tell me Ashelin was the Baron's daughter. Ooo, yes, good point, get that cleared up. "What's your connection to her?"

"That's none of your business!"

It so totally is! Dinah wanted to yell back at him, but Resistance Guy was still talking.

"Shut up. Since you've stirred up the wumpbee's nest, you and whiskers here get to shuttle a few of our people to their new safehouses. Move all of them without any casualties. Don't screw this up, Jak. You've ruined enough already. We can only hope the damage doesn't get worse."

Hey! Okay, so maybe that had been a Bad Plan, but he'd found out important stuff, she was pretty sure, and fought the bad guy, and, um....


....Argh. Maybe she could buy Jak a ticket out of Nowhere-ville, instead of going there?.... But would he even take it if she did?

[establishy, NFI, NFB, OOC = <3 recapped/twisted with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]