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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Clocktower, early Christmas morning
Another four days, and she'd be back in Fandom. Dinah wanted to go back and try to get Merlin or Tony or Karla to find a spell to find Jak, but Tony wouldn't be back yet either, and Portalocity wasn't cooperating on changing her ticket. By now she'd given up on getting to Sandover, or wherever Jak was.

So she just had to grit her teeth when she went to bed, and hope for good news. At least the dreams were still happening? At least she knew Jak and Daxter were alive? That was good, right?

"...Hey, sugarplum. You new here? Well, whatcha got that's uh, hot, and..."

Daxter was hitting on a cute bartender, Jak was rolling his eyes, and yay for them not getting hurt or shot at right now.

"...Hey, I've seen you before. You're with the Underground--"

Wuh-oh! Dax! Shhh! Jak was looking ultra-worried as Daxter blathered on, and then the girl was shushing Daxter. And he was actually listening to her.

"Shhh. I'm Tess. Torn sent me to spy on Krew. Play along, and I may be able to get my hands on a few of Krew's secrets..."

Dinah was facepalming mentally along with Jak as Dax spazzed out over Tess, hoping she wouldn't hurt his feelings, and then yay! She thought he was funny! Well, he was funny. Just most people couldn't see that. Maybe a little worrying as he got plastered on the bar's inventory, but still!

And yay for Krew not trying to have him killed when Dax mouthed off to him after that. That guy was yeeeeee.


Dodging bullets again, zooming again, did they ever do anything else...?


.... talking to a monkey. No. A bird. A monkey-bird?

Wait, his name was--


Choke. Dinah giggled in her sleep.

Jak and Daxter were cracking up too. Because, hey. Pecker glared at the both of them. "...My mother, she was very vindictive."

Or crazy. But now the badly-named bird was interpreting for the oracle-lady, and:

"She says it is good to see you again, Jak."

Jak gave them a disbelieving look. And not-buying-it body language. Then uncertainly said, "But we've never met before."

Maybe when he was really little, or something...? Not relevant, because the point was, Jak and Daxter had to go fetch another Important Thingy. After Dax got done giving the monkey-bird and the oracle-lady a bad time.

It was like the Yellow Brick Road movie. Get this, get that, try not to get killed by the flying monkeys.


Running around what Dinah recognized as Precursor ruins, with those bad guys chasing them. Ugly seas of the same stuff that changed Daxter--
dark eco? -- ages ago.

Thiiiiis waaaay! That waaay! Run run run run Jak!

Dinah's heart was pounding along with Jak and Dax's, but they got the Important Thingy okay. Whew. It was almost pretty, almost like Sandover, there....

"Wow, this baby's got some vibraaaaaation to it." Dax looked like a major, major dork.

Jak was laughing, though, a happy laugh, still having fun, not quite as angry, though that didn't seem to entirely go away any more. "This'll put a smile on your face."

JAK! And Dinah almost woke up giggling at that, but then was pulled under again...

----"I have a proposition for you, Jak."

Ewww. He was still floating around? Jak looked like he shared her opinion.

"Racing is the biggest sport in the city. Errol is the undisputed grand champion. He's crazy and dangerous on the track." Somehow, Dinah had an idea where this was going. "Ah, my kind of guy..."

On the one hand, dangerous, on the other hand, Jak-- oh, who was she kidding. Of course he'd take the job.

"Here's a security pass to get to the stadium sector. Andyour contract. With just a few trifles for me. I've already signed your names to save time..." Why did Krew have to be smart enough to know Jak and Daxter would take it too?

Daxter was being Johnny Cochran on speed, but Jak was already on his way out the door--


---Smaaaash of Jak landing nearly in a column of the humongous stadium, gaaahahahah-- Was he getting more reckless, or was she imagining that--


A garage, Jak talking: "... looking for a race driver?"

"I'm busy right now!"
Someone female behind a screen, being snotty with: "You must be Krew's new errand boys."

Hey! They had to eat, didn't they? And there was that whole Resistance thing they were in! Sheesh. Attitude much?

She was saying she didn't need new drivers, and Jak was watching her silhouette through the screen. Doing the leaning thing. Which she couldn't see, so she didn't react the way Dinah would have when Jak asked: "Is there... anything we can do?"

"No! I'm working on a secret... vehicle project."

Touchy much? And now she was saying he had to audition with her prototype board, and Jak was jumping at the chance.



And oh, Dinah wished she could be there for that-- not just dreaming the speed and swerve and wind-in-face jazz of the ride, but really there, and it. Was. Awesome.


Jak was trying to get Silhouette Girl to keep her promise, and she didn't want to, and now she was dissing him for working for Krew, and --

"You don't like us, do you."

"You work for Krew. What's not to like?"
You know, if Jak was going to hang out with girls who were not her, she liked that Ashelin chick a lot more than this one.

Being home would've been way better, though.

Jak looked kind of disgusted but was only saying: "Looks like you've won a few races. Isn't it true that... the city champion gets to tour the palace?"

That was not a good look on Jak's face. Nooooo it wasn't.

"A friendly visit, I gather."

Jak smirked. If Screen Girl could see him, or just read his tone, she'd know what a lie that was. "I'm a real fan of the Baron."

"Fine. I'll help you out if you stop bothering me."

Jak looked like he'd just hit the jackpot. And gotten the chance to hit someone else hard enough to really make it hurt.



Dinah woke up holding her head in her hands and muttering, "Jak, Jak, Jak, Jak...." And for a second felt a fierce tug of loneliness, just wanting to talk to Jak about what was going on.

Maybe. Maybe? Phones might be working again, maybe? The last time she called, she didn't leave a message, but...

So she called his phone, smiling at the breath of a very tiny hi, and left a message.

[establishy, NFI, NFB, OOC = <3 recapped/twisted with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]