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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Clocktower, early Thursday morning
Still no joy from Portalocity. But at least knowing Jak was alive had let Dinah relax a little, and Helena had promised to come along to wherever Dinah was going when she finally went, to be back-up and try to get Jak out. Dinah kind of suspected Helena had made that promise because she was pretty sure she wouldn't have to keep it. It still helped, though.

She went to bed dreaming not of sugar plums or gingerbread, but hoping for zoomers and ottsels and certain blond adventurers....

"I bet you've hatched another brilliant plan in that hungry little brain of yours," Jak said. She still wasn't used to that, hearing Jak's voice.

"Well, I need someone to go down and shoot every sentry gun in the sewers."
And she was *really* starting to hate this huge scary floating guy. Daxter gave him a bad time, Jack demanded the truth, and then he got peeved.

"Well, the Baron is running short on eco, eh," Krew said, rubbing a filthy hand on his nasty shirt.
Ugh. "The Metal Heads are short on patience. Praxis needs this war to keep in power. Otherwise, the city will put the true ruler on the throne. Wherever that little boy is..."

So wherever they were, it was the middle of a revolution, some guy named Praxis was in charge... And Jak wanted revenge on him. Badly. For locking him up and hurting him.


And they were getting shot at by some guy they were trying to rescue. Awesome. Why couldn't freaky creepy Floating Guy find someone else to do this stuff? Not that Jak would quit, even if he wasn't hired....


--Shooting, running, rolling,
duck, Jak!, Daxter complaining about the assignment, and then Jak was grabbed Noooo! by a woman demanding to know who they were... and Daxter went into Daxter mode.


Jak was leaning back so he wouldn't be off balance, saying, "Easy. Torn asked us to help you."

"I don't need any help."
Which Dinah could respect. And then got irritated when (1) New Tattoo'd Girl shoved Jak out of the way, and (2) Jak got a look at her. An appreciative look.


"But you might." She glanced over his shoulder. "We've got company."

Whooooa. Where the heck did all the bad guys come from?

More shooting and more shooting and Jak looked pissed--


--purple lightning again that wasn't good, not good at all and someone was snarling and ripping things to pieces--


"--We're being sent on suicide missions to find artifacts of his rule." The New Girl did some kind of hip-check as she jumped into the driver's seat of her vehicle.

Jak noticed that, too. He caught the badge she threw to him, and called, "...So your name's Ashelin, huh?"

Although it didn't look like she was going to notice him back. "We're even now," she called, then her souped-up flying car took off and left the guys on the ground.

"Whoa. What a woman."
Typical Daxter.

...how long had they been there, anyway?


And Dinah woke up to Christmas eve morning, grateful that Jak and Daxter were okay, but really, really starting to worry that they hadn't gone home. Why the heck weren't they back in Sandover yet? Was it just Jak needing revenge, and to help the resistance? Or couldn't they afford Portalocity?

... or were they having the same problem that she had, trying to get to Sandover?

Bad, bad feeling. Yeah.

[establishy, NFI, NFB, OOC = <3 recapped/twisted with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]