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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, Clocktower, early Wednesday morning
Half of the day before Dinah had spent in tears, half on the phone. Portalocity refused to even try to put a portal on a person and not a place; too many variables, no legal rights, technical difficulties, blah blah blah blah blah. They refused to try and find Mr. Samos, or Daxter or, or.... Barbara and Helena and Alfred had hugged her and tried to convince her it was a nightmare, but she knew better. When she finally got to sleep Monday night, it was with little jerks of waking and sleeping that didn't result in more than four hours altogether, and she spent the next day cranky and trying to avoid everyone, hanging out on the balcony of the Clock Tower despite the snow.

When she went to bed Tuesday night, she fell into sleep like wave of smothering darkness.

And almost woke up immediately when she heard--


Doesn't know who's yelling but God they're pissed and it's dark and cold and the purple lightning is cutting in and out and then

"Easy buddy!"

DAXTER! What's going on where are you what's happening

The purple light fades and it's just dark, with after-images flashing in her mind and she hears a ragged voice say, "...Daxter?"

"...Yeah. Remind me not to piss you off. Let's scram..."

And for just a second, she can see both of them, Daxter and Jak Jak Jak only Jak looks... bad, not at all good, but Daxter's getting him out of there, wherever it is, and Daxter rocks, and--


A fight, a huge fight, a little boy cowering in a corner, a man trying to shelter him, red everywhere and that purple lightning


"What you just did was very brave. This child is important," the man was saying to them, Jak looking exhausted, the little kid staring from them to his protector.

"This kid?" Dax poked the boy in the shoulder, who ducked and looked intimidated. "... He looks kinda scruffy."

A voice was shouting "YOU ARE IN A RESTRICTED ZONE. MOVE ALONG." and Dax was about to say something--


A slum, an ugly stinking place, and a guy, sneering at Jak.

"We're looking for a guy named Torn."

Jak-- Jak talking?! Like he never did at Fandom-- arguing back, wanting to join an underground? Was she getting that--?


Scaling a tower that looked more grown than built, high, high about the slums. Rickety, rackety, falling apart... Jak grabbed a flag, and then it started to tumble into pieces--

No! JAK!


Purple. A shine of lightning. And Daxter's voice: "Jak. You're doing it again, buddy." Dark, cold, but no pain. Anger. Fear. Frustration, choking sense of that, but no agony.

Jak? Jak!


and like being washed up on a shore while surfing, Dinah was suddenly awake, holding her head.

Jak was alive. Yes! God, almost nothing else mattered there... Except that Jak was in trouble. A lot of trouble. And not happy.

"Portalocity-- please tell me you found Sandover." Dinah rested her head on her knees, and grumbled, sighing, and wiping away wetness on her eyelashes. Just sleepiness. Yeah. "Keep trying until I tell you to stop."

[establishy, NFI, NFB, OOC = <3 recapped/twisted with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]