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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham, the Clocktower, late Sunday night / very early Monday morning
Home was great. Home was awesome. And Helena promised to help, if there was anything to help with, about Jak. The afternoon had had skating with friends and a talk with Arthur, and Portalocity hadn't called back before Dinah went to bed, so she'd called them. They still insisted they couldn't get a connection to Sandover; yes, they had in the past, and they were sorry it wasn't possible now, but the holidays, you know how it is, they'd be happy to give her vouchers...

Dinah cut them off with, "Sandover. Whatever it costs. I'll pay it, I swear. Please. Sandover."

It took forever to fall asleep.

A dark cell. Iron doors. Stone. Cold. Lonely. Time passing. Jumbled images, over and over...

Purple lightning screaming over Jak's body, Jak howling in agony, arching up, helpless, and that was wrong, so wrong, it had to be so bad for him to be yelling-- he was strapped down, he couldn't get away...

A gap of darkness, then again.

And a blank, and again.

And again. And again and again and again and again and again and...

Finally, a mechanical voice was saying, "...Complete. Bio readings nominal and unchanged."

Voices, far away, only pieces of a conversation.


"-- he is surprisingly resistant..."

"Finish off this... thing. Tonight."

"As you wish."
... and a dark fog rolled in, pulling her down into nothingness.

Dinah woke up with her heart pounding. Wordless.

Jak. Jak? Then curled up in a ball, shaking, rocking with tears.

[establishy, NFI, NFB, OOC = <3 recapped/torqued with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure right here, with dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]