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dreamscapecloseup, dreamscapeagain, dreamscape
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Sunday morning, early
Dinah had crashed out late last night, after she got all her packing done. Everything set and ready for leaving after ice-skating tomorrow, and going home.

A shame her dream wasn't that tidy....

Jak and Daxter in Sandover. Mr. Samos. Some pretty girl-- Was that Keira? Yay Daxter for sitting between her and Jak. And a vehicle they were sitting in. Cooooool. Daxter getting yelled at by Mr. Samos for trying to touch it, then Jak did, and something made a sound wubbuwwubwub and popped open, revealing all kinds of shiny things. The vehicle started, and the Precursor artifact in front of them lit up with a purple-blue glow, kind of like the portals to school... Suddenly a hoarse voice sounding way too smug said: "Finally, the last rift gate has been opened."

Uh oh.

And then they were being attacked, metal things, monsters,
Jak go! and the face that had materialized within the gate roared, then laughed. "You cannot hide from me, boy." No! No no no

Buttons got slammed, the vehicle started moving toward the Laughing Face of Evil, and then--

--whites, blues, a flash--

And they were somewhere else. Something hit the vehicle, and Mr. Samos was sailing away shouting "FIND YOURSELF, JAK!"

-- and Jak hit the ground, hard. Daxter was complaining, they were in a huge city, there were zoomers, fog, overcast sky.

Big guys. Red armor. And a really ominous, "We've been waiting for you," from the leader.

And then with a smashing pain, everything went black.


Dinah woke up gasping for breath, and TK'd her phone to her, frantically punching in Portalocity's number.

"Yes, hi, I need an emergency Portal to Sandover? As soon as possible?... Yes, I'll hold." She gulped, getting to her feet, then stopped as the voice came back on the line. "What do you mean, you can't get a connection there? I was there just a couple months ago! It worked fine!... That makes. No sense." Dinah's jaw clenched. "Yes, I want a reservation if you can establish one, yes, I want you to keep trying. Yes. Call me back tomorrow. Or as soon as you get one. Thank you."

Only after she hung up did Dinah realize: maybe Jak wasn't in Sandover now.

She wrapped her arms around her stomach, dread sinking in like it intended to stay.

[establishy, NFI, and recapped and warped with kind permission from Jak & Daxter's newest adventure over here, with Sandover dialogue from Jak 2: Renegade]