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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Saturday morning, early - New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia
There'd been fighting, then making up with Claire yesterday, as well as talking to Francine. But now? Now was time for fun!

The portal to West Virginia left Jak and Dinah in a shaded corner of the parking lot near the New River Gorge Bridge. Dinah stumbled, but managed not to fall, before looking around and grinning. "Awesome. Looks like we're at the right place. You ready?"


[for the jumper off bridges]

Watching Jak fall off into nothing, Dinah had a sudden panicky moment of oh no don't let anything go wrong and then she was leaning over the railing, watching him fall and fall and fall and--- come back up, and relief and giddiness made her yell, "JAK! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Waving both arms at him, thrilled.

He was trying to wave back at her! Kind of! But all the blood was going to his head, bouncing around, up down up down up down and... up.

Just up. Jak was blinking when they hauled him in, a little like a fish. Well, a graceful fish, anyway.

Dinah was giggling a lot by the time he was back on the platform, and grabbed his hand as soon as he was extricated from the set-up to send, Wasn't it cool? Better than cool? Totally cool! Let's go again! He was still wearing her jacket, so this time she was using him as a wind-break. Brrrr. Good thing she had on a long-sleeved shirt.

It was cool! Jak agreed, grinning, but his head was still spinning a little. Totally.

Dinah giggled, then leaned against him, one arm around his waist. Do we know how to have fun, or do we know how to have fun? The buzz of adrenaline, and from watching Jak take the risk too, hadn't worn off yet. I hope we can do it ten times at least before we have to get lunch. And she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek, still gleeful.

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