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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Saturday morning, early - New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia
There'd been fighting, then making up with Claire yesterday, as well as talking to Francine. But now? Now was time for fun!

The portal to West Virginia left Jak and Dinah in a shaded corner of the parking lot near the New River Gorge Bridge. Dinah stumbled, but managed not to fall, before looking around and grinning. "Awesome. Looks like we're at the right place. You ready?"


[for the jumper off bridges]

The line, she sent back to him, swaying and then stumbling back, almost into him, but not quite. It's like a rubber band. It'll snap up partway, and it won't let us fall all the way down. Dinah grinned, and took his hand, squeezing it, then holding it between hers. Cold! You warm enough?

I'm good. Hey, he was still a guy, and... okay, he was cold, but he was a guy from a jungle, okay? And Jak wasn't going to mention that. ... He hoped it didn't come across in the touch-telepathy. Cool, he decided. So he's going to jump now...?

Dinah turned to watch, his hands still between hers, after moving a little closer to... shield him from the wind. Not just share body heat. Exactly. Yup, and-- "Whoa!" Said inside and outside, as the big guy tipped forward off the platform over the gorge, arms extended, and a "Yeeeeee-haawww!" drifted upward as he plunged into the air. Dinah thought she'd never really appreciated the concept of plunge before, as the line ribboned and squiggled behind him and didn't seem to do anything at all for the longest time. Until finally, finally, a boingy-noise came from the platform, and far at the end of the line, he swung upward like a pendulum, still hooting.

"Eeeeeee!" Omigod so cool can I go first please? Please?


Jak's mouth had fallen open in appreciation. Yeah, that looked totally cool. Almost like using blue eco platforms, kind of. Whoa. Sure, but only if I can go right after! Dude!

Dinah spontaneously hugged him, delighted, then backed off a little, pink again. Okay, and I'll be watching. Too. Awesome. The line was moving forward again, and it was only a few more minutes before Dinah was on the platform, and the Bungee handlers were asking her to step on the scale, and taking her height measurement. "Okay, back-up harness first," one of them said, handing one to her. "Just in case the cuff slips off your ankle." Meeeep! She glanced over at Jak, eyes wide in pretend terror.

They fitted the big padded cuff around her ankle, though, and carefully coiled the bungee line, then helped her p to the platform. "Toes over the edge...."

Dinah looked back at Jak for reassurance, then looked down. Ohhhhh boy. Clouds down there! Maybe it was supposed to be fog, but it looked like clouds!

Jak shot her a smile straight on back. He had to stay back a little, supervisor's orders, or he might have been able to make that reassurance mental. As it stood? She'd be totally badass!

... We were hoping Dinah would take beaming like a maniac as reassurance, yes. Normal people didn't get this excited about people plunging to possible death.

Fortunately Dinah totally got that, and shot him a thumbs up before taking a deep, deep breath, and stretching out her arms over her head, let herself ... fall.... off... the platform.

"EeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEeee! YES!"

There was a moment of panic, right at the beginning, when there was nothing nothing nothing stopping her; not hangglider wings, not her own telekinesis, not a rope that she was grabbing onto. Just air rushing into her face, pulling her hair away and whipping upward. She automatically spread her arms to increase the drag, felt the pull of gravity across every centimeter of her body, and stared at the onrushing ground.

Ohmigod ohmigod ohhhh gonna die no not gonna die EEEEE!

The fog was wet on her face as she burst through it to the other side, able to see the ground two hundred feet below. She felt herself start to slow as the bungee line tightened, pulling on her ankle. Still falling, and falling, and for one second, just suspended, dangling.

Then she swung upward back through the fog, about a quarter of the height of the line, giggling like a maniac.

Okay, Jak had to admit he was slightly worried when she took a step off the platform, because it wasn't like he had any blue eco here to save her if something went wrong. But then she veered back up, at least from what little that he could see. Phew.

And then, like a dork, he waved.

Dinah's flailing of limbs was probably her waving back, yeah. Hard to be sure at that distance. She finally quit bouncing, and hung upside down, heart pounding a mile a minute, panting for breath and feeling the head-rush of all the blood to her head. "Whoooooooooa," she muttered, and a tiny echo started up from the gorge. Whoaaoooaaoaoaaoaaa...

The guys on the platform lowered a line to her, and she grabbed onto it, and then they started the automatic pulley to drag her back upward, spinning a little as she ascended. She managed to get herself right-way-up, still giggling, skin tingling and adrenaline not letting the smile drop off her face.

As soon as the guys helped her back on the bridge, and got the cuff and harness off her, she hugged them both, making them laugh, then launched herself at Jak, unable to use words. "Eeeeeeeee!" Awesome wonderful amazing ohmigod you have to do this so cool can't tell you and then whooooosh almost as good as sex awesome doing that again yes!

He hugged her back hard, caught off guard for a moment, but then kind of getting into it. ... The hugging. not any funny business. Sounds awesome, he managed, but words, not his strong suit, and instead he wound up projecting a lot of happy-for-you, awesome-it's-almost-my-time.

Dinah squeezed him once more, cheeks flaming but still giggling with the rush and the physical delight, backing off enough to let him move forward. "You should have my jacket," Dinah said suddenly, struggling out of her coat. "It's too chilly otherwise, with the fog and all." Okay, it'd be short on him, but he wouldn't freeze that way!

Hey! He wasn't cold!

...Okay, Jak was cold, but he wasn't admitting it! But if she absolutely wanted to part with her jacket, he guessed he could take it...

Dinah was already wrapping it around his shoulders so he could stick his arms in the sleeves. "No, really, you have to have it," she insisted at his expression. "You don't want to be hung up on the temperature when you're doing something incredible, do you?" She patted his cheek, then turned pink and took a step back. "Wish it was a little bigger, but, well...."

It did tug on his shoulders more than a little bit, but it was nice and warm. Not that he needed warm. Nope!

He reached out to touch her hand one more time, then smiled. Okay. Awesome time for him now, right?

Exactly. Dinah didn't have any words past that, but the whole feeling of so cool-awesome-wow probably bled through strongly as she squeezed his hand, beaming at him.

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