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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Saturday morning, early - New River Gorge Bridge, West Virginia
There'd been fighting, then making up with Claire yesterday, as well as talking to Francine. But now? Now was time for fun!

The portal to West Virginia left Jak and Dinah in a shaded corner of the parking lot near the New River Gorge Bridge. Dinah stumbled, but managed not to fall, before looking around and grinning. "Awesome. Looks like we're at the right place. You ready?"


[for the jumper off bridges]

Jak looked over at her, and grinned. He gave her the thumbs up. Totally!

She grinned, and yelled, "Race you!" Then turned to speed for the staircase that ascended to the Bridge, and the platform they'd be diving from. It was cold, and fog was moving under the bridge, with the river visible as a flash of light far, faaaar beneath it.

Heeey! No fair! She had an early start!

Jak took a split second to look maligned, then took off afterwards, onto the stairs. Come on. Gain on her!

Dinah's lead might have been decreased by the laughing as she pounded up the stairs, already bouncing with anticipation. And really glad they were still doing this, after a way-too-weird week. "10... 9... 8..."

Seven... six...

Jak grabbed at her arm as he managed to start gaining on her. No way! He was getting up there first!

"Jak!" Unfortunately the squeaking and swerving slowed her down a little too, and Dinah was trying to make up speed, but... "4... 3!...2!"


They burst onto the bridge at the same time, Jak still struggling to get the lead, but no dice. Damn!

"Shoot!" Dinah bounced around in a circle, panting for breath, then stopped to bump Jak with her elbow, and to point at him and say, "On the way back. I'm so beating you."

Jak shook his head, and laughed. So not going to happen. So not!

Then he grinned, and padded onto the bridge, glancing down.

Dinah fell into step with him, bouncing as they headed toward the jumping platform, feeling the chill and the wind as it picked up over the bridge, with cars and trucks blasting by every once in a while along Highway 19.

There was a small line, only five or so people, waiting for their turn on the platform, where someone was getting attached to their line now, after stepping on a scale. Dinah leeeaned over the railing, then grinned wildly at Jak. "This. Is going to rule. Eight hundred feet up. That's..." She couldn't remember how many stories that was. But it was a lot.

A lot? Jak supplied, snagging her hand before she, you know, fell. So the bungee is... He peered over to the guy getting hooked up to the line.

The line, she sent back to him, swaying and then stumbling back, almost into him, but not quite. It's like a rubber band. It'll snap up partway, and it won't let us fall all the way down. Dinah grinned, and took his hand, squeezing it, then holding it between hers. Cold! You warm enough?

I'm good. Hey, he was still a guy, and... okay, he was cold, but he was a guy from a jungle, okay? And Jak wasn't going to mention that. ... He hoped it didn't come across in the touch-telepathy. Cool, he decided. So he's going to jump now...?

Dinah turned to watch, his hands still between hers, after moving a little closer to... shield him from the wind. Not just share body heat. Exactly. Yup, and-- "Whoa!" Said inside and outside, as the big guy tipped forward off the platform over the gorge, arms extended, and a "Yeeeeee-haawww!" drifted upward as he plunged into the air. Dinah thought she'd never really appreciated the concept of plunge before, as the line ribboned and squiggled behind him and didn't seem to do anything at all for the longest time. Until finally, finally, a boingy-noise came from the platform, and far at the end of the line, he swung upward like a pendulum, still hooting.

"Eeeeeee!" Omigod so cool can I go first please? Please?


Jak's mouth had fallen open in appreciation. Yeah, that looked totally cool. Almost like using blue eco platforms, kind of. Whoa. Sure, but only if I can go right after! Dude!

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