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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Outside Room 408 - Friday morning
Pink rose? Check. Pint of Rocky Road ice cream? Check. Six-pack of Beaver Buzz? Check. Womaning up like an aspiring crimefighter, not wibbling?... Too much? Check.

Dinah gulped, and knocked on Jak's door, hoping he'd be in, and not Jono.

Knock, knock.

[for the Best Guy.]

Jak had spent his day on his back in bed, actually, as was his wont (when he wasn't out to scale something or hit the water, even if it was cold) and honestly? After the confusion of the past couple of days? He wasn't that tempted to leave.



(For Jak, 'not leaving much' was still significantly more than most people's actually-leaving)

He got up and wandered over to the door - probably someone for Jono - readied his 'he's not in' gestures, and opened it.

Dinah put on the best smile she could-- nervous and way too hopeful and a little tense, and said, "Hey, Jak." Okay, semi-smooth lead-in to: "Um. I owe you an apology. And an explanation." And if that part tanked, there'd be ice cream. She really hoped she wouldn't need it. Dinah bit her lower lip, eyes fixed on Jak's face. "Can I come in?"

Um. Was this still-- going to be about the wedding... thing? Because Jak wasn't sure what to do with that, to be honest. He rubbed the back of his neck, but stepped aside, giving her space to come in.

Yay! Okay. Reading Jak body language indicated some serious dubiousness. Which, who could blame him? Dinah walked into the room and put down the ice cream and energy drink on a desk, and said, "These are for you. Part of the apology. Oh, and the rose, which... I was just going to give you, no reason." Dinah cleared her throat, and plunged into the explanation part with: "So, I'm not marrying Sam Winchester or anybody else, I'm not in love with Sam, and I'm not crazy. Any more."

Well, that was... good. Jak regarded her with wary eyes, still frowning a little, but it was starting to loosen up a little. His eyes darted to the ice cream for a moment, his hands hanging by his side. Okay. Keep going...

Encouraged by him noticing the ice cream, and Jak's willingness to listen, Dinah gulped, words tumbling over each other. "There was a spell, with a gremlin and a love potion that I'm not too clear about, but I guess the upshot is, uh." Dinah put her hands behind her back, twisting her fingers together to keep from touching him. And that hurt, damnit. But she didn't have the right to do that again yet. "I was completely nuts when we talked on Wednesday. I am so, so sorry about that. Everything I said was just-- so off. Not what I really feel. Except the parts about still liking you."

Right, so--

The girl went loopy, Jak, Daxter-in-his-brain told him, Crazy broad totally spun out about it!

In the face of that mental barrage, Jak frowned. Nonplussed. Uh. Liking him was good.

"Aphrodite, from the shop in town, she came by after the play last night, and took the spell off me. And Sam! So, uh. Don't be mad at him. Us being goofy wasn't his fault either." Dinah looked down, not sure what else to say. "I like you better than any other guy I've ever dated. Or kissed. Or hung out with or-- Well." She turned red. "There's a reason you were the first, you know?"

Okay, that was just prime material to make Jak flush. His fair skin didn't exactly do much to cover that up, and he rubbed the back of his neck again. Uh.

Dinah peeked up at Jak, and had to smile a little at that, even though it didn't stop her blushing either. "Right. Um. I'm sorry if I confused you. Or hurt you." She wished she'd taken that Etiquette class this summer. There had to be a way to know when you'd said enough, or too much; maybe they covered that? She kept her hands behind her back, and then mumbled, "That's it. Uh. Whatever you want to say to me, I'll listen... or I can leave?" Even though she really didn't want to yet.

That hand was quickly making its way up into Jak's own spikes, rubbing at the hair and the skin underneath it. He made a little sweeping motion with his other arm. She could stay. And sit down. And, uh, well, she wasn't marrying Sam, so that was good. But that wasn't the kind of thing you could communicate through an arm-sweep.

No, but mi casa es sorta tu casa came through fine, so Dinah brightened and sat down, smiling more. "Thanks," she said, shyer than she'd been with Jak for ages. She sat down on one of the chairs, and pulled her legs up under herself, rubbing her hands down on her jeans. "Soooo. How was your week?"

Jak shrugged a little. Normal, mostly, barring... he made a gesture at her head, and then at his, and finally sunk back onto the bed, flopping. And looking at her. Uh. How was hers?

Questioning expression, eyebrows doing the interrogation-y thing, and Dinah sighed, guessing after that gesture. "Weird. Really weird, with everything. My weekend was normal? But then this happened. And I had a fight with my roommate..." Which she still felt equal parts hurt and stupid about. She wished she felt like she could flop down next to him, unconsciously leaning forward and fidgeting.

It lasted for another couple of seconds, but Jak did not yet possess that level of anger or cynicism that he didn't, eventually, reach over and pat the bed next to him, since she was leaning, and it'd make talking easier.

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