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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Causeway, After the play
It occurred to Dinah halfway on her run to Caritas that (1) people who knew her might be there, and (2) people who'd seen her be a complete moron over the last two days might be there. Therefore, she was going to Maryland. To find another bar. Hey, she had her Gotham fake ID, and money. What else was necessary?

Stupid stupid omigod I can't believe I said that to Jak omigod I kissed Sam how did I not know it was a spell stupid stupid stupid... Yes, she knew she was hysterical. But so what. She deserved it, just a little.

Eventually she had to slow down a bit, and lean on the railing, 'cause it's hard to run and cry at the same time.

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As soon as he realized what was going on, Priestly went immediately to find Dinah. If she hadn't been . . . zapped or whatever . . . by Aphrodite yet, then he'd drag her and Sam to find the love goddess. If she had. . . .

It took freaking forever to find her. He ended up running all over town before finally spotting the figure on the causeway.


Dinah instinctively turned around, wished she hadn't, and sniffled, rubbing at her face. "Go 'way, Priestly." Ohhh, nice railing. Dinah banged her forehead on it a couple times. Stupid! Gah! "I'm going to get drunk! In Marylan!"

"You're gonna freeze your tight little ass off." Crude, yes, but Priestly was pretty sure that crude would work, in this case. "Come on, we can find a better place for you to get drunk."

Dinah gave him an outraged look, straightening, and yes, that worked. "Hey!" Then facepalming again. "I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry I shoved you, and didn't listen to you..." And oh, just been soooo insane. "Gaaah!"

"Yeah, that kind of sucked. Alfred offered me a few tips for next time." He smiled. "Seriously, Dinah, it's fucking freezing out here. Probably literally."

After getting into a land war in Asia, the next fatal mistake was trying to take Moscow. Or the equivalent. And now that she'd slowed down, Dinah couldn't help but notice Priestly was right. Reluctantly, she started walking in his direction, then groaned. "You told Alfred? Ohhh my god."

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"Dude, you were full on crazy there for a bit. I needed back up."

Dinah pulled on her hair, mortification winning the battle of all the confusing emotions in her head for the moment. "Oh, I can't wait to go home and get the Look over the pince-nez for this. What was I thinking? Weddings! I'm seventeen! I don't wanna get married! No wonder you tried to tackle me! You gotta work on that for next time, bro."

"Yeah, well, I didn't really expect you to TK me. I'll know better next time." Priestly reached out his arm to pull her into a hug. "Hey, it coulda been waaaaaaaaaay worse."

"I know, I know, I mean, Sam and I were probably one train ride from heading to Niagara Falls, but still!" Dinah let herself be pulled into the hug, one arm going around his middle, and whined, "I told people I wanted them to be my bridesmaids, Priestly. And, and..." More seriously, "I kissed him. God, I suck."

She was warm, and Priestly didn't handle cold well. Which might be why he pulled her in quite so tightly.

More likely, it was because she was his best friend and she needed it.

"Yeah, well, Jack tried to win over someone who wasn't even into his gender, and I get the feeling that you two weren't the only ones who got whammied. It sucks, but, hey. You didn't kill anyone."

Dinah puffed a laugh against his shoulder, shivering and clinging to him a little. "No. There's that." Thank God Francine and Priestly had been able to apply a little brakes to her brain. "I think I hurt Jak's feelings, though. Or at least severely confused the hell out of him." She started walking again, still hanging onto Priestly.

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Priestly was more than willing to let her cling as they walked. "Hey, it's not like it's the first time the island's thrown people for a loop. I'm sure he'll understand." He smiled and leaned down to kiss the top of her head. "You'll probably only have to apologize a billion times."

"Well, if I start with a thousand times tomorrow, that leaves.... umm.. a couple thousand days, at least, right? So, I should be off the hook in 2014?" Dinah sounded a little resigned to that, and then hugged Priestly hard again. "Oh, man, poor Sam. I can't believe I thought he'd be over Peter already. What was thinking?" Well, she knew what she'd been thinking. She'd been thinking that pink and red would be nice wedding colors. What. The. Hell.

"I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you weren't. Every now and then it looked like you got a clue, but it was all happy-happy-creepy-joy again."

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