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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Wayne Manor, New Gotham City, Wednesday night
The portal to Wayne Manor opened up sedately at the bottom of the outside staircase, as if Wayne Manor wouldn't tolerate any nonsense like letting people fall out on their heads. Dinah stepped out, and grinned. "Welcome to Wayne Manor, guys. Cool, hunh?"

"C'mon, let's have Alfred show us where the rooms are, so you can get settled in."

[ooc: for Dinah's Thanksgiving guests and their robobabies. Tiny OCD in one second Up! Up early 'cause I'll be SP after 6PMEST]
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[Other links about Wayne Manor: Mentmore Towers, model for the Manor.]
[Other links about New Gotham City:
Map of Gotham City [scroll down]
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Wayne Enterprises info]

Dinah was hurrying up the steps already, but stopped at the door to count heads as Alfred opened it, then grinned at the butler and hugged him. "We're all here!"

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Re: Arrive

Jak was totally ready for all of this! Even if it was darker than he was used to. And smellier. And...

Okay, Jak was going to pretend he was back in the volcano as he trotted up the steps.

Re: Arrive

"Alfred, this is Jak," Dinah said, with maybe a particular lilt to her voice as they walked into the main hallway. "My boyfriend." Yes!

Alfred gave Jak an assessing glance over his glasses, and nodded fractionally. "You'll be in another wing from Miss Dinah."

Of course.

Re: Arrive

Jak frowned at the scrutiny. Seriously. Frowning. What? He didn't get why--

He shot a darting glance towards Dinah. What?

Re: Arrive

"Alfred, stop being psychic," Dinah muttered under her breath. Then shot Jak a reassuring look, and took his hand. Don't worry. We're not in trouble or anything. Alfred's just... being proactive. She squeezed his fingers. There's ways around it.

Secret passages! Sight shields! And hey, it's a very very big house.

Dinah followed Alfred up the main staircase into the biggest hallway, and stopped to look over the railing, then grin at Alfred. "Hang on. Must slide down banister."

Alfred sighed and said long-sufferingly, "Of course, Miss Dinah."

Re: Arrive


That word sounded a little scarier to Jak here, Dinah.

Jak didn't join her on the banister. That would be silly. Instead he perched his hands on his hips and shot her an approving look. Poor, poor Alfred.

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Re: Arrive

"This place," Zack said, looking around appreciatively, "is cool."

And that... pretty much summed it up, yes.

And so, armed with a gerbil in his pocket, Zack was now contemplating how much of a running start he'd need in order to jump from the top of the stairs all the way down to the bottom in one go. It couldn't be that much, right?

He was in the 'displacement activity' stage of setting himself back on the happy road to denial, yes.

Re: Arrive

"Isn't it?" Dinah grinned hugely. "And we've got the run of it for four days, woo!" She pumped one arm, then beamed at Zack. "And New Gotham's got tons of awesome stuff too. I'm thinking parkour run from the parks to the beach."

Re: Arrive

Zack gave her a little smile at that, even if it was a bit on the lopsided side.

"That sounds like good exercise. But I'd probably stick out like a sore thumb in this uniform in a city like this, huh?"

Well, maybe the sword was pushing it.

Re: Arrive

"This is New Gotham, nobody belongs, so everyone belongs," Dinah told him. "You'll fit right in! Maybe leave the sword off. Although..." She tapped a finger against her mouth, eyes lit up as she thought. "If you put a ribbon around the hilt to the sheath? Like an honor guard? People might not think it's for real. We could tell them you're one of those SCA guys. I'd just hate for some cop to think he has to take it away from you."

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Re: Arrive

"Holy crap," Tony said, looking around. "This place is huge!"

Re: Arrive

"I know. It's like ten Clock Towers, or fifteen suburban houses, or..." Dinah kind of ran out of metaphors there, because it didn't help, did it? "Helena's great-great-couple-more-greats grandfather had it built. And then they just kept building."

Re: Arrive

"How many people live here?" Tony asked.

Re: Arrive

"Nobody, really, right now. Helena has too many issues to live here." Dinah made a face. "Alfred lives in the Guard House down at the end of the drive, which is a lot more human-sized, and he makes sure the place is kept decent when no one's here, but most of the time it's closed up." Dinah stopped in the main hallway and twirled around. "Her dad and his parents lived here about forty-some years ago, and then there was a full staff and all, and they gave a lot of parties. And her dad lived here alone, and he partied a lot too. But otherwise, not so much with being lived in."

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Ping here if you want one of the Batclan [Jim Gordon, Barbara, Helena or Alfred] to talk to. Otherwise, have at it, talk to each other in the thread above, and use those links for the next few days for the Manor and New Gotham City adventures if I'm not around and don't have a Gotham post up yet.

Happy Thanksgiving!