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bcpunch, bclegs, bcsardonic, bctaunt
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A completely different rooftop from other rooftops, Sunday night
Black Canary had decided to find a place where she could keep an eye out for crime below: a rooftop in the middle of town. There was a warehouse district she might hit next, but for now, the roof would do.

[open, for either interaction or observation-- you walk by below, and yell for help, she'll help; otherwise, she'll just make crimefighting notes. Join her on the roof if you want to chat.]

Captain America, being a crimefighting sort himself (only a douche), had decided to find a rooftop to survey the town from. This one looked good, except it seemed to be already occupied. "Excuse me, miss," he said. "You seem to have forgotten your pants."

Black Canary had heard this before. "No, I didn't." She gave him a look over her shoulder, then raised an eyebrow. "And you're wearing spandex. I don't think you have room to make comments."

It was actually leather, canvas, and scale mail, but they weren't here to discuss his clothing. "Right, you do know prostitution is a crime?"

Oh, not this again.

"It's a Class 2 Misdemeanor in Maryland. Not to mention degrading to both sexes. I haven't solicited you, and I wouldn't."

She turned all the way around, giving him the other eyebrow. "You do know this rooftop is occupied, right?"

"So why did you leave the house dressed like...that?" Captain America asked.

"And yes, I had noticed."

"So I think you should find your own rooftop," Black Canary told him very firmly. "I'm on surveillance. And this is my crimefighting uniform. It has a purpose."

Plus, she looked really hot in it. Even Batman had looked. Only once, but still.

"It has fishnet stockings," Captain America pointed out. "Wait, are you undercover? That would make a modicum of sense, at least.

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Funny, there didn't seem much of a lack of rooftop lurking crimefighters around this place. DW was just swinging by, but had to admit feeling quite the urge to stop for a moment.

"Good guy," he asked, "or bad guy?"

Couldn't tell around here, he'd come to discover.

"Good guy," Black Canary said, blinking. Okay, she'd seen ... well no, she hadn't seen weirder. "Bad guy or good guy?" she said, turning it around on the costumed duck.

"Good guy!" DW assure her as he landed, "despite the very dramatic and dark speech I am going to deliver in three, two..."

"I am the terror that flaps in the night!" he said, dutifully. "I am that sneeze that starts and builds and builds but then doesn't come. I am Darkwing Duck!"

"Black Canary," she said, feeling a laugh build and build and then strangling it at birth. "No speeches. Except, 'I'm with the Justice League.'"

"Nice handle!" DW said with approval. He really could only approve of very attractive ladies in tight clothing running around with a Darkness + Bird title. Even if she didn't have a bill. He wasn't sure he'd be able to hold himself back if she had a bill. "Justice League, you say? Never heard of them. Do they have a health benefit plan? Retirement fund? Weekly Sunday brunch fundraisers and raffles?"

"Health benefits, retirement assistance, and mostly its bowling. Flash has a thing for bowling," Black Canary told him, dimples showing up. "Thanks. Are you part of an organization too, or do you go your solitary night-winging way?"

She had enough colleagues like this to place a mental bet on which one it was.

"As vigilante as they come!" DW said with a sweep of his hand. "But the bowling is tempting."

"We do recruit on occasion," Black Canary said, pulling a JLU card from her cleavage, and flicking it out. "How did you become the terror that flaps in the night, if you don't mind me asking?"

Heroism transcended species, although she'd love to see Batman's reaction to him. In fact, she'd ask Flash to take pictures.

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