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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Thursday morning, early
Dinah was lazing around, considering the route for her morning run and whether or not to go check in with Azula about training, now that she was back, according to Radio. Decisions, decisions.

Lazy Thursday was lazy.

[ooc: expecting a couple but open!]

Jak had been waiting to do this for a while now. Well, a couple of days. Since she left. Whatever.

As it turned out, trays of Beaver Buzz? Were heavy. He tried to balance it on his shoulder, but failed, and wound up knocking with his foot.

Dinah pulled open the door with a "Hi--" that turned into a very happy "Hey!" when she saw who it was, then morphed into "Hunh?" when she saw the trays of Beaver Buzz. "Oooo!"

Hi! Uh. Did she want to take this? She got the tray pushed towards her. Or towards the room. Jak could also head inside and put it down, just... quickly?

Dinah got a look at his expression after she finished bouncing and hurried forward to grab one end of the tray, totally gleeful and grateful as she hung onto it, staggering into her room to drop it on her bed. "Is this all for me? Really? Seriously? Oh my god, best boyfriend ever!"

And how much did it rock that she got to say that?

Okay, that made up for having to lug the thing across the dorms and down some stairs. Jak grinned. Yeah. He had plenty more up in his room, of course, courtesy of Lacey (and probably giving Jono nightmares just by existing) but yeah. He marched along with it until it got dropped to the bed, and nodded. Yep.

"Awesome." Incoming Dinah! Tackle hug! Along with a kiss on the cheek and the mouth, and a bright grin. "Hi. I missed you. And you got me Beaver Buzz!"

Yeah, Claire wasn't going to be thanking Jak either. Maybe she and Jono could form a club.

Lacey had a sale, he said.

Or rather, she'd been trying to get rid of it all, but piffle, details. His arms slid happily around her waist again as he kissed her back.

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Before swordplay class, Firekeeper and Blind Seer made their way upstairs to Dinah's room. There was music to listen to, after all! Firekeeper knocked on the door, hoping Dinah was in.

Oh, Dinah was in all right. And bouncy. She flung open the door with a wide grin, and squee'd. "Guys! Hi! Come on in!"

"You have music?" she asked as she stepped inside. As if Dinah would've forgotten.

"I do!" Dinah held the door for her and reached down to ruffle the fur at Blind Seer's neck, then bounced over to her computer and clicked onto YouTube. "Okay, I thought maybe websurfing would be a good way to find more stuff you like without having to buy it yet." She grinned and pulled up her feet, giving Blind Seer room to lie down near the speakers if he wanted. "That way, you can find it at Groovy Tunes when you've decided you liked it enough." She clicked on a Tori Amos video, and said, "This is one of my faves, but I don't know if you'd like it or not."

Blind Seer flopped happily in the space made for him, and Firekeeper resisted the urge to ask what 'websurfing' meant.

Once the song was over, however, she couldn't resist asking a question: "Am not sure I understand what it is about," she admitted. "Explain?"

"I think it's about... oh, looking for a purpose, someone to believe in?" Dinah hadn't had to think about it too hard since the first time she'd heard it, but now she did, rubbing Blind Seer's back with one bare foot. "But how people turn causes into ways to punish themselves, I think, maybe. When you don't feel like you deserve love. Or think other people see you that way."

Yeah, she might have loved this song a lot when she first got to New Gotham.

"Ah," Firekeeper nodded. It wasn't a concept she could easily apply to herself, since it wasn't a wolfish way of thinking, but it reminded her a little of Sapphire and Citrine. "Who is? You have more?" she asked. She might not be able to really identify with the lyrics, but the singer's voice... she wanted to hear more of it.

"Tori Amos, and yeah, let's see...." Dinah paged through a few, then found A Sorta Fairytale. "I used to sing this when I was sure I wouldn't find anybody, you know? I don't know why, but sad things can make you happier when you're lonely. It's weird."

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