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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Friday afternoon
So, Dinah had a costume. Which she was still sad Cal wasn't going to get to see, since his curiosity about the fishnets had been what inspired it, and which she wasn't going to get to wear tomorrow, since she'd be out of town. She also had a bowl full of Snickers, Twix, Kit-Kats and M&M's to share with anyone who stopped by.

The door was open, and the cat was twisting in a feather-catnip toy right now.

[mostly open to people she told about her costume; if you're a friend of hers, that includes you]

Jak had no idea what kind of costume she had, but she'd been totally excited about showing it, so he was going to be the supportive whatever-he-was by stopping by and seeing it--

Well, he stopped all right. In the doorway. With his mouth open to a point where he could probably catch a few flies while he was busy.

Dinah looked up from taunting Camille, and beamed at Jak. "Hey!" Nervously, she stood up, careful on the ultra-high heels, and said, "Soooo. What do you think?" Please don't think it's silly.

Okay, maybe from his expression, that wasn't a concern?

Breasts. Hips. Legs. Legs.


Jak gave a cautious thumbs up after a full minute had passed. Yeah. It was good. Very-- good.

Dinah beamed at him, did a little twirl, then carefully walked forward. "It's a kinda superhero costume. Black Canary. She fights crime. I turned into her, one weekend when we were all different people." Chatter, chatter, try not to blush, superheroes don't do that! "Since, you know, we won't be here for trick-or-treating tomorrow.... Candy?" She picked up the bowl, and offered it to him, trying not to giggle.

Hey, at least he was kind of snapping out of it now? Enough to push a hand into the bowl - he was a growing boy, food always came first over everything else - yank it back out, and happily pursue the candies he'd gotten.

And maybe sneaking another peek down at her legs while he nodded.

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"Diiiiinah," Karla called down the hall, trying to sound 'fine' and 'normal'. "I've got a surpriiiiiise for--"

Her reaction was much like Jak's: stop, jaw-drop, boggle. "Hell's fire and Mother Night," she breathed. "You've got legs up to your neck!"

She flushed a bit, appreciating the costume a bit much, perhaps. "I thought you said you were going out as a bird!"

Legs. Very, very long legs. In fishnets. Thinking difficult.

Dinah looked up and laughed, standing up so Karla could get the full effect, and blushing a little. "Well, the chest isn't anything to write home about, even though it's there, so-- work with what you got?" She grinned and picked up the bowl of candy to offer it to Karla. "Chocolate?"

"Still got more than I got," Karla grumbled, mostly by reflex. And then realized she'd been staring, and so dragged her eyes away from the costume (Legs! In fishnets!) and towards the candy bowl. She grabbed for the first candy she saw.

"Not. A. Bird," she said, unwrapping it. "Totally not a bird. You did say a bird right?" Glance down at the legs, then immediately back up to the candy. "Also--those are amazing boots. I'm envious of your ability to wear them and stay upright."


Dinah was still trying hard not to giggle. "Black Canary. Sorry, I didn't tell you? She's a superhero. I turned into her, one of those weird weekends, the first month I was here. She went around town fighting crime and getting into a fight at Caritas with Catwoman." She grinned and stuck out one foot, beaming down at the boots. "They are pretty awesome, aren't they? I wish Cal were here to see the fishnets. He always wanted to." Even with her and Jak getting closer, it would've been cool, just to have that idea put to rest.

"I can imagine why," Karla muttered, then early choked on her chocolate bar. "Males being males and all," she tried to bullshit explain in between coughing fits.

Someone needed to work on keeping her inner dialogue more inner.

"You can fight in those boots?" she asked when the coughing had ceased. "Color me even more impressed."

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Priestly so had to swing by. "Diiiiinah, let's see the costuuuuume. . . ."

Dinah was 90% certain she looked good, not stupid, but that last 10% had her saying, "Now, I couldn't fight in this, probably, unless I got a new superpower...."

Priestly wasn't looking yet. "You ready?" What? Priestly liked this kind of suspense. "Should I do a drumroll?"

Dinah laughed, and straightened. Wobbled. Righted herself. "Drumroll, Maestro!"

Priestly attempted to do a drumroll on the wall. And failed. "Uh, close enough?"

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