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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, New Jersey , Thursday afternoon
"Okay, so we need to get the whole package together... dress, shoes, hair stuff." Dinah grinned over at Momoko and Triela. "Any preferences where we head first?"

[for heromaniac and sorella_vecchia]

Momoko raised her hand to answer, even more excited than when they'd first arrived. Time for SHOPPING!!!

"Ah! We should totally get the dresses first! That's going to take the most time and we need to make sure everything matches!"

"Yay dresses!" Dinah laughed, bouncing off the sidewalk, then up onto a nearby park bench. "I'm thinking Kilingers, and Lacey's-- no relation to the diner lady-- and then maybe hit I. Magnin's. Works? And the little boutiques along the way."

Momoko bounced in place and took another bite of her vendor-pretzel.

"So far, your world has been way cool, Dinah, so I bet all of your dress stores are totally awesome too! And I'm wearing my shopping shoes, so I'm good for a whole day!"