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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Friday afternoon
Dinah was sorting through, well. Every article of clothing in her closet. She'd meant to find something for her date, then gotten distracted. As you do. Yesterday's talk with Karla and training with Azula, and chat with Francine, hadn't changed that.

She had the door open and music blasting down the hallway, and was trying to keep Camille from disappearing completely under some blouses.

[expecting one, but open]

Karla poked her head through the open doorway, glanced at the whirlwind of clothing, and grinned. "Dinah," she called over the music, "your date isn't going to get very far if you get lost in your closet."

She was a little later than she'd wanted to be, but she'd had to run to town to get a quick little 'good luck' present for Dinah.

"Karla! Hey, hi," Dinah turned down the music and waded through the piles of clothing, stopping to retrieve Camille from suffocating in silk. "I know, I know it won't, I just can't make up my mind, maybe I *should* have bought something new... plus I found boots I forgot about." She grinned at Karla, and scratched Camille under her chin.

"WEll it just so happens that I have something new for you--though it's not going to solve your current dilemma. At least, I hope you intend to go out wearing more than this," Karla teased, calling in a small, wrapped box and holding it out to Dinah. "Otherwise, I'll probably have to call Barbara and Helena."

Inside the box was a pair of earrings from Diamond in the Rough. "I wasn't sure you had anything that would match the barelet," Karla said shyly. "And I wanted to make sure that it didn't look out of place if you didn't."

"Ohhh, Karla. Thank you! They're beautiful!" Dinah reached out for a hug, face lit up. "I love them! Now at least I know I'm wearing blue, I have to to make these look right."

"Then I am helping!" Karla said with a laugh, happily leaning into Dinah's hug. "I can start putting away non-blue clothing if you like. This way you can decide what to wear without having to dig through eight piles of green shirts or something. And you have those really pretty silver shoes from the dance, right? Or are those too dressy?"

Karla still wasn't entirely sure what the courting norms were around here.

"I think they might be a little too dressy, yeah. It's just dinner," Dinah said, picking up all the pink things and yellow things and red things, and starting to put them away. Camille pounced on the boots again and tried to drag one off. "No, no, no. Evil cat." She grinned over at Karla, and added, "At least, I think it's just that? Maybe we'll go for ice cream afterward."

"Leave those alone," Karla ordered, trying to take the piles of pink, yellow, and red things from Dinah. "I was serious. I'll put them away. You focus on getting dressed. And keeping Camille away from anything delicate." She picked up a blouse and started folding it. She worked earnestly, but it didn't take a budding PI to notice Karla didn't have a lot of experience folding clothing.

"Where are you going for dinner?" she asked, trying to get the stupid sleeves to line up correctly. "Oh! Maybe you could suggest going to a movie or to that gaming place afterwards."

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Raven, after a DRIVE FROM HELL decided to stop by Dinah's room to see if she had found out anything about Sebastian. And, just as importantly, to make sure she looked all right for her date. "Dinah?" she called from the doorway, though her soft voice probably wasn't easy to hear over the music.

Dinah was singing to herself, still barefoot, and trying to put her hair up, but caught sight of Raven in the mirror. "Hey! Hi. C'mon in. I'm trying to get ready. How're you doing?" The look she gave Raven may have been more evaluating than usual. Especially given what she had to tell her Barbara found out.

"I am well, thank you," Raven said, stepping into the room. "I just finished getting ready for my date as well." Cue the blushing.

"Awesome," Dinah said, smiling widely, then bit her lip, hesitant. "My sister tracked down some info on your would-be kidnapper. Do you want to hear it all now? Or wait on it?"

Raven frowned slightly. She didn't want the information to put a damper on her date, but she was good at compartmentalization, aka denial. "Tell me," she said softly. "Please."

"Okay," Dinah said, then got up to pad over to her laptop, and retrieve the papers she'd printed out. "Barbara turned up a lot of things on the Church of Blood, and Sebastian Blood, and some of it is... sinister." She handed over the print-outs. "On paper, they're just like any other small, insular religion that's a little wacky. They were founded in the country of Zandia about seven hundred years ago by a priest named Brother Sebastian, and leadership of the Church passes from father to son."

She took a breath. "They're on their ninth leader named Sebastian now. The last one, Sebastian Blood VIII, the previous leader, brought the Church of Blood to America a couple decades ago. They have a lot of influence, claiming celebrities and politicians as members. Kind of like Scientology, only without the aliens and craziness. At least, to the press. And in my dimension." Dinah bit her lip. "That's all the public stuff. There's a few websites claiming it's a cult, with brainwashing, but mostly those guys get dismissed." GIven what Sebastian had tried to do to Raven, Dinah was much less skeptical of that.

"Brainwashing," Raven said, trying to decipher the unfamiliar term. "You mean controlling other's minds? Like he did to me?"

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "He said that we were very much alike. That we were meant to thrive on emotions."

"Usually they mean more normal stuff. Sleep deprivation. Drugging the food. Isolating people and not letting them leave. Repeating mantras and prayers and mottos until people just give up fighting, and believe what the cult leaders tell them." Dinah said, her fingers tightening on the pages. "But if he could do to other people what he did to you, well. It would be even easier." She bit her lip, and said, "Then Barbara turned up the rest of it."

She handed over the papers to Raven. "Sebastian Blood VIII supposedly drowned in a tragic accident last year, and his teenage son, Sebastian IX, took over the Church. There are a lot more allegations than make it into the press about the Church of Blood being a cult, people abandoning their families to join, giving over their life savings. Most people in it are fanatically loyal to their leader, and will do whatever this Brother Blood demands. There's a whole lot of suspicious activity, just none of it can be proven yet." Dinah's expression grew even more grave. "Several cases of people attempting to escape but later recanting their story. just disappearing before their claims can be substantiated. The most suspicious thing to me, and to Barbara, is that Sebastian VIII didn't really accidentally drown -- The police kept it quiet because they're still investigating, but he was murdered. Stabbed to death and dumped in the river where his body was found." Quietly, she said, "And then his son got full control of the cult."

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