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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, lateTuesday afternoon
After Reserves, Dinah headed back to her room and pulled out the music book she'd bought a week or so ago, and settled in to practice learning to sight-read, shutting the door so as not to bug anyone too much.

The do re mi fa so la ti do would still probably be audible as you got closer, though.

[door is shut, but post is open, and door will probably be open again soon.]

Dinah laughed, then lowered her voice so as not to wake up her cat. "Ohhh, you wait 'til an invasion, Jaime. Then we'll see who's snarky and carefree. Ha." She poked at his foot with one toe. "Juuust wait." She kind of hoped it would be a while longer, for his sake. Maybe 'til after Homecoming? That would be good.

"Ooooh, spoooooky." Spoken like someone who hadn't been through a Fandom invasion.

"You'll see." Dinah smiled, even if her eyes were serious. "Anyway. That stuff happens, and you really get to see how cool people can be." The mischief came back. "Even if they're not Mr. Jaime Reyes of El Paso, Texas."

"I'll believe it when I see it," Jaime joked. "Though... hopefully this school won't go the way of my last one."