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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, lateTuesday afternoon
After Reserves, Dinah headed back to her room and pulled out the music book she'd bought a week or so ago, and settled in to practice learning to sight-read, shutting the door so as not to bug anyone too much.

The do re mi fa so la ti do would still probably be audible as you got closer, though.

[door is shut, but post is open, and door will probably be open again soon.]

"That had to be kinda difficult," Dinah said, sympathetic to that. But at least Jaime himself had taken his girlfriend having superpowers well. She'd never told Matt. Then again, Jak was fine with it... which was really, really nice. "How did you find out Tracy was a magician?" she asked, curious.

"She was kinda teleporting into town when I met her," Jaime grinned. "A bit hard to miss, you know?"

"Wow," Dinah said, then laughed. "Yeah, that's one heck of an introduction." She grinned. "So you guys just hit it off after that, and she'd come by and visit when she wasn't doing magic stuff in England?"

"Or other places around the world," Jaime agreed. "It was hard on both of us, though. Which is why... you know..." The breakup.

Dinah winced and handed over the tin again. "Have another cookie?" She looked down at Camille, and very gently picked her up. "I'm sorta starting a thing. Maybe. I think." She couldn't help smiling down at Camille. "Like, just barely, as of last week. With Jak. Have you met him?"

"Can't say I have, but he can't be too bad a guy if you like him, right?" Jaime grinned and took another cookie. Hey, as long as they were talking about Dinah, he didn't have to be careful to avoid certain topics.

Dinah grinned at him. "I think he's a really good guy. He's blond, has pointy, really long ears--" She gestured so he got the idea. "Likes energy drinks and running around as much as me, and he's kind of an explorer, like Illinois Smith, back at his home." She grinned. "He doesn't talk, really. But he doesn't mind me reading his mind to hold a conversation, so..."

"Guess super-powers can be pretty handy, huh? Especially when meeting cool guys who don't talk."

He grinned. "Should I keep an eye out for him and hassle him about you?"

Dinah snickered, then stuck out her tongue. "You won't get a reaction, mostly. I'm guessing, anyway. But you can try." She shook her head, cuddling a sleepy Camille closer. "He does blank-faced really well. Except to me." She made a face. "I never told Matt about the powers. Maybe, if I had... Anyway. This is nicer. A lot less complicated."

"Yeah," Jaime nodded. "I bet trying to be open and... you know... close to someone when you were hiding something as big as that would be hard." That had been one of the great things about Traci. No secrets.

"Yeah," Dinah said, her voice a little more subdued. "I mean, when I go back to New Gotham..." She looked up. "It's not like Jono's world, where people with powers are just hated. But we're kind of an urban myth, you know? And there's only a few of us. But some of them make the news for committing crimes, so mostly we keep a low profile." She swallowed. "It'd take a good long while before I trusted people there with the truth. It's part of why I love this place. I don't have to pretend."

"I can see how that would be a perk, yeah." Jaime had been thinking about that. And the Scarab.

He still wasn't comfortable with everyone knowing about that, though.

"But, I've got another seven months 'til graduation, and maybe some time in the summer after that," Dinah added. "So. Reprieved until then." She shrugged. "Hopefully I'll be ready for it. It feels like it's coming up too soon, now that I'm actually a senior."

"Yeah, wow, seven months isn't long at all. And then you're on to bigger and better things."

"Theoretically." She grinned. "Well. I'm going to go to college now, I guess. I need to take the SATs. And try to get into Gotham University. Criminal Justice. Computer fraud. Investigations. All that stuff." She reached out with one toe to push the cookie tin closer to him. "And you go on to dentist school."

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