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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, lateTuesday afternoon
After Reserves, Dinah headed back to her room and pulled out the music book she'd bought a week or so ago, and settled in to practice learning to sight-read, shutting the door so as not to bug anyone too much.

The do re mi fa so la ti do would still probably be audible as you got closer, though.

[door is shut, but post is open, and door will probably be open again soon.]

"England," Jaime grinned a bit dopily. "She has that accent, you know?" It was totally hot.

"And... I don't know. Maybe one day. After high school. Or college. I mean, we'll always be friends, I think, so... we'll see?"

The awwww factor killed a lot of the mixy-ness for Dinah right there. "Yeah, I know. I like that accent too." She smiled at him. "I'm glad it ended okay, but sorry you won't see her next weekend." She rolled her eyes. "You can sign up to have my sister loom over you, just like everyone else, if you miss having visitors."

"I don't know... is your sister hot too?" Cue sudden flush and cookie munching. Maybe if he concentrated hard enough on the junk food it would be like he'd never said it?

Wait, what? Dinah choked on her cookie, then turned red, and had to laugh. "Um. Well. Priestly couldn't stop gaping at her, when he met her in New Gotham..." Addressing the Helena part nicely glided over the implication of hotness. Right? "And various other guys have stalked her. So, yes." She coughed a little. "Just, you know. Keep in mind she's a black belt."

"So, like her sister."

Wait, that could be misinterpreted.

"I mean, she could kick my butt, too!"

Because an immediate correction in no way drew even more attention to other possible interpretations.

Yes. He definitely did think she was hot. Okay then. Um.

"... she regularly kicks mine?" Dinah offered gamely. "So, sure. You could always challenge her to a fight, see what she says," she teased. "I know how you like that stuff." Um. "Another cookie?"

Camille was by now asleep on Jaime's foot. Shhh.

Cookie! Good idea! "Yes, please!"

He munched on the cookie and grinned down at Camille. "Sounds like your family's pretty awesome, huh? It'll be fun to meet them. Just... tell your sister not to beat me up?"

"I will definitely tell her that," Dinah promised, then added, "As well as every other guy I know. Wait. Not Arthur. Everyone except him." She reached over to stroke Camille's head. "You'll like Barbara though. She's way more laid back. English teacher, computer geek, really cool."

"Heeeey, what are you implying there?" Jaime laughed. "You saying that I'm a geek or something?"

Dork was probably closer to the truth, though geek was accurate too.

Dinah snickered. "Everyone likes her! I imply nothing!" Mostly. She grinned. "Anyway. You'll probably get a chance to meet them at some point. If she's not too busy grilling my teachers."

"I look forward to it. And maybe, in return, you could meet my folks some day. You'd like 'em." He grinned one of those infuriating older brother grins, "Even my sister."

"How old is she?" Dinah checked, smirking a little-sister smirk. "Can she beat you up too?"

"Not yet, and if I'm lucky, not ever. I've still got six years on her, so at the moment I've got the upper hand."

Then a horrible idea struck him. "And no giving her any ideas!"

"Awww." Dinah grinned. "You don't want me to help your little sister? Jaime, that's mean." That giggling isn't evil at all, no.

"She doesn't need the ability to kick my butt on top of being a brat," Jaime shot back, laughing in spite of himself.

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