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DinahBoyserious, DinahBoyhat, BoyDinahTwist
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Third Floor Common Room, very late at night
Popcorn. Which wasn't macho, but wasn't anti-macho. Cheez whiz. Which was just fun to say. Doritos! And cult movies. Dinah was really not up to sleeping yet, so she and Priestly were hanging out in the common room, doing manly things. After a day including getting hit on by Tony and discussing girly stuff with boy Francine, and comforting Karla-boy, it was necessary.

Currently she was trying to burp Priestly's name without success. Give her a minute and more Mountain Dew, though.

[thread for the mohawk guy, but open to others]

Priestly scowled. "Dude, that would totally freaking suck." He leaned a little against Dinah without really thinking about it, and the next thing he knew, his head was on her shoulder.

Fun with her newfound tallness.

Eh, whatever, it was comfy.

"S'like a tease, man. Just . . . island bein' mean. You get to meet people and then you get cut off? Lame."

"Superlame. Way lame. Mondo lame." Dinah yawned, settling back into the couch, and slinging and tilting her head against the top of Priestly's. Also, taking a moment to be secure enough in her... whatever, that she could just do that. Heh.

"But you're gonna come back to New Gotham with me, sometime. An' I'm going to Santa Cruuuuz."

Priestly snickered softly. "Santa Cruuuuuz," he repeated. "'Sawesome, you'll love it." He didn't try to stifle his yawn this time. His hair was getting all bent every which way by Dinah's head, but if she didn't mind, he sure as hell didn't. "You c'n meet Trucker."

"Trucker who iz cool," Dinah said, and rested her eyes. Just resting! Nothing else!

"Mmmhm." So was Priestly. With the eye resting. She was just so surprisingly comfy as a guy.

Probably all those muscles.


And yawwwwn and slump. Readjust so Priestly hair wasn't poking her in the face. There.