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DinahBoyserious, DinahBoyhat, BoyDinahTwist
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Third Floor Common Room, very late at night
Popcorn. Which wasn't macho, but wasn't anti-macho. Cheez whiz. Which was just fun to say. Doritos! And cult movies. Dinah was really not up to sleeping yet, so she and Priestly were hanging out in the common room, doing manly things. After a day including getting hit on by Tony and discussing girly stuff with boy Francine, and comforting Karla-boy, it was necessary.

Currently she was trying to burp Priestly's name without success. Give her a minute and more Mountain Dew, though.

[thread for the mohawk guy, but open to others]

"You wanna beat up a karate school?"

"Well, more to know I could, if I had to--" Dinah got up and bounced over the back of the couch, and started imitating Bruce's moves. And promptly fell over.

"Okay, hang on..."

"You want a spotter or something?"

"No, no, I got it," Dinah insisted, and grabbed a pillow to use as a nunchuk. Very manly.

"Heeeeyaaaaaaaah!" Keeping her voice down. No need to wake up the whole floor. Then bouncing back over the couch to grab more popcorn as the head of the school got taken down.

"Very nice. I'd join you, but I don't wanna pull something. Might make tomorrow at the diner troublesome."

"Hopefully I'll be back to myself tomorrow. Like you guys were." Dinah tossed the pillow at Priestly. "I mean, I like being this tall, and the muscles, but... It's weird, too. I keep misjudging stuff." She shook her head, turning thoughtful. "Not having people recognize you is bizarre too."

"Yeah, I remember. Plus, I bet you're walking funny, too. That was superweird."

"Dude!" Dinah started laughing and nodding, nearly falling off the couch. "I just-- it's so there. You can't forget it! Even when it's not doing anything. Maybe that'd wear off after a while, but..."

"Yeah, when you're born with it, it's weirder when it's not there."

"I get your thing with the breasts now." Which sounded way dirtier than she meant it, so Dinah broke into helpless snickers again.

Priestly laughed. "Is it big? Are you totally hung?"

"PRIESTLY!" Dinah fell off the couch laughing and trying not to get too loud. "...God, worse than Tony...."

Aaaand Dinah had to nod confirmation there, turning bright red and holding her sides.

Priestly was about ready to fall over, too. "Dinah! That's awesome!" He held up his fist. "Gimme some love!"

Dinah responded by pounding her fist onto his, then collapsing with her hands over her face onto the couch, still laughing helplessly.

"...should've known Layla was wrong about something..."

Priestly reached out to pat her on the back. "You mean other than my parking space?"

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