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DinahBoyserious, DinahBoyhat, BoyDinahTwist
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Third Floor Common Room, very late at night
Popcorn. Which wasn't macho, but wasn't anti-macho. Cheez whiz. Which was just fun to say. Doritos! And cult movies. Dinah was really not up to sleeping yet, so she and Priestly were hanging out in the common room, doing manly things. After a day including getting hit on by Tony and discussing girly stuff with boy Francine, and comforting Karla-boy, it was necessary.

Currently she was trying to burp Priestly's name without success. Give her a minute and more Mountain Dew, though.

[thread for the mohawk guy, but open to others]

"No no no, you gotta, like, budget the burp to get two syllables in."

Dinah gave him a serious look, and said, "Really?" Then tried to make the burp longer, swallowed in the middle, choked, then had to burp again. "Wait, wait, that doesn't count, hang on."

Priestly laughed. "Hey, I'm not counting any of 'em." Priestly hadn't exactly been a burping pro since he was, like, twelve. "So, Bruce Lee, or slasher flick?"

"Hmmmmmmm." Dinah took a moment to blow on the lip of her bottle, thinking, then said, "Bruce Lee. I always end up thinking how fake the slasher flicks are. Also, I wanna try those moves while I've got the right body."

"Okay, but if you kill yourself, you get to be the one to tell Alfred."

"I won't kill myself," Dinah said, mildly insulted. "Just because the body's new, what, you think I want to break the warranty?" She stuffed another Dorito in her mouth, and mumbled, "You tried new stuff when you were in the girl body, right?"

Priestly blinked. "Yeah, as I recall I was trying to find out if chocolate tasted different. Plus, you said you'd try 'em when you were back in 'the right body'?"

"Iz dif'rent when you're agerl," Dinah said, her mouth full, then swallowed. "You gotta adjust. But now, it should be just as powerful! Easy!"

Yeah, you keep dreaming, Dinah.

"Fire it up!" And also: "Did it taste different? I need to get some chocolate."

"Not that I noticed." Priestly gave her a sidelong look. "Have you actually tried to do any of those sorts of moves, yet?"

"When I'm in my own body, yes." And she never quite got the height or speed right. "It's not impossible. If Bruce Lee can do it..." Okay, even Dinah wasn't delusional enough to finish that sentence. "Anyway. It's worth trying, right?"

"Sure. I'm just glad I didn't grab the Jackie Chan flicks."

Dinah grinned, and knocked her drink against his as the movie started. "Go, Bruce!" She stuffed another Dorito in her mouth. "I wanna be able to do that."

"You wanna beat up a karate school?"

"Well, more to know I could, if I had to--" Dinah got up and bounced over the back of the couch, and started imitating Bruce's moves. And promptly fell over.

"Okay, hang on..."

"You want a spotter or something?"

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