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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Monday evening
Last week included: two performances of the play, finding out Edward was stuck in Andalasia, telling Leto about her and Karla killing his vampire self, and celebrating after the play.

Friday was fighting Azula which, well. Lead to plans to do that again, even though that might've been the first of her bad ideas. There was a good idea gone weird at 'Dites's which resulted in being a kitten Friday night. Saturday, there was talking to Daisy about being a P.I., then random decorations and talking to Jak and running and jumping and reading his mind, and a game of Flirting Chicken with Cal. And finally, Sunday held shopping with Fiona, and Tony was a tiger now. At least today's salle practice was familiar.

Now there was playing with a tiger cub and an almost-grown cat and wondering how this was the normal part of the week.

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Tahiri just wanted to show off her new retouched icons had . . . had a pretty quiet day, actually, on the mental front, and that was enough quiet days in a row that she felt safe enough about venturing out to check in on a friend.

This meant ending up on the third floor, knocking. "Hey, Dinah?"

"C'mon in, Tahiri!" Dinah called, taking back the yellow dinosaur she'd won in New Gotham from Tony. "Bad tiger. No dino."

"Tiger?" she asked as she opened the door and stuck her head in. And spotted Tony. "Oh, no."

"Ohyes." Dinah sighed, and glared at Tony.

Who was adorable back at her.

"Tony turned into a tiger yesterday." Camille meowed her opinion from Dinah's pillow. "So, instead of inflicting him on his new roomie, I brought him home with me." She rolled her eyes as Tony pounced on the dinosaur again, trying to maul it. "He's having fun, anyway. How are you? I haven't seen you in a while, it's been crazy."

"Don't give him ice cream," Tahiri warned instantly, sounding like the voice of experience (that she liked to think she was in this case). "He'll only get more hyper. I think I tried to knock everything over or chew it up the week I was a cougar."

Said perfectly innocently, because it wasn't like she knew.

"How am I?" she asked, shutting the door behind her again and making a face. "Not bad, for someone who's rapidly going crazy. Crazier."

A yowl from Tony gave his opinion on that, but Dinah wasn't about to take that into account. "Shhhh. Here. Eat the dinosaur." She looked up at Tahiri, and gestured to the bed, the chair, the floor and said, "Pull up some space. Crazier? What's going on? I thought Crazy Girl was ... calming down, or something."

[Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"It'll give you a stomachache," Tahiri told Tony, and opted to sit on the floor, knees tucked up to her chest in the drawn-in posture she'd unconsciously adopted so much lately. "Not calming down. Force, I wish. I get twitchy around the droid parts in Ben's room more than I used to, and I don't . . . she's never really fully asleep any more, I don't think. Wednesday night was bad. Really bad."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"What happened?" Dinah asked, her voice softening. Camille stalked down the bed to hop to the floor, and butt her head against Tahiri's knees. "Wednesday. I must've missed it on the Radio, whatever it was."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"It was really late," Tahiri said as she reached out to stroke Camille's ears. "It was getting noisy in there, and I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd head down and work out until it wore us both out."

Her smile turned wry. "How was I supposed to know the salle would be so popular late at night? First one of the new girls came in, and Ben, because of course he was awake, and then Raven, and that's when everything started to go wrong." She tapped her temple. "She really doesn't like Raven much. The last thing I remember was her offering to take some of my pain away, and the next thing I knew she was on the floor, Karla was there, and I . . . she'd just tried to attack them. Karla showed me the memory of it afterward."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"Oh, God," Dinah said, dismayed. Camille was purring away as Tony sat down for a good gnaw-fest on the dinosaur. "Why doesn't she like Raven?" she asked, giving it the same emphasis Tahiri did. "And are they all right now? Wait, that explains why Karla was so tired on Thursday." She blew out a breath in a sigh. "And you don't actually remember it happening?"

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

Tahiri shook her head, looking a little guilty all over again. "I can't say for sure, but I have a guess. As much as the Yuuzhan Vong love pain, the thought of someone taking it away has to be pretty awful. It means you're weak or unworthy, if you can't handle it. It's an insult." She was piecing this together consciously as she spoke, as much as explaining it to Dinah, and she was keeping a careful watch on her own reactions just in case. "She says they're both all right. I don't think they were hurt, just shaken up, but it could have been worse."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"That makes sense," Dinah said, and winced. "I've told Raven she can't eat my bad moods-- okay, that's not a good way to put it, but it's how I think of it. She wants to help, but..." She could be pushy with it, a little. It made Dinah reconsider her own attempts to help people. "I'm glad they're both okay. And you're not physically hurt." She gave Tahiri a considering look as she stroked Tony's head. "But mentally, you're all... kerflooie?"

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"That's the thing. Mentally, I'm fine right now." Tahiri let out a frustrated laugh. "But any second, that could change, and who knows if I'll have enough warning next time?"

She sighed and patted her lap, sending a mild Force-suggestion to Camille that it was okay to climb in if she wanted to. "I'm hoping that made her reconsider her, um, approach. She means well, I know. It's just dangerous."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

Camille absolutely did, so she hopped up and kneaded Tahiri's leg with soft paws, then curled up with a steady motorboat purr, rubbing her face against Tahiri's leg.

"Has it happened before? I mean. Wasn't it Raven being around that set her off? Or do you think it's just anything now?" Dinah asked, biting her lip.

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"I don't know," said Tahiri, now with a lapful of purring kitten and feeling just relaxed enough now to keep the frustration out of her voice. "There used to be patterns -- too much stress, specific things that would set her off. Now, I think she's just getting stronger. We're working on it."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"We who? You and Ben?" Dinah asked, checking. "Or Professor Skywalker?" She scritched Tony under his chin and asked, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"Me and Karla," Tahiri corrected mildly. "Although yes, Ben's helping. I don't think I could stop him."

It was her turn to chew on her lip, and skritch Camille beneath the chin. "Maybe? I'm not sure. Just keep an eye out for me, in case anything happens? You've seen what I get like, you know the warning signs, right?"

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"Yeah, I know," Dinah said, nodding slowly. Unfocused eyes, aggressive demeanor. The occasional extra curse word in another language. "We don't have classes together this semester. But there's enough other stuff that I can keep checking in, if you want." She held out her hand to Tahiri, her mental shields up, and said, "Anything you need. Really."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

Tahiri carefully reinforced her own shields three times over before reaching out to take Dinah's hand. "Ben's in Professor Atreides's class with me, and Karla's in, um, my other one, and I see you around often enough the rest of the time that . . . yeah."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

She squeezed Tahiri's fingers, then Dinah twined hers with the other girl's. "We'll get you through this." Somehow. "If it's not too private, how is Karla helping you? And is it okay for me to tell her I know? I don't mean, talking about you behind your back," she clarified. "But just so she doesn't have to try not to say anything to me. I know how seriously she takes confidentiality."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"I know," Tahiri said with a tiny smile. "She didn't say anything to Raven when she was right there. And . . . keeping secrets sucks void. You can tell her, and tell her I said it was okay. I'm not sure of all the details yet."

Just the ones that still kind of scared her.

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"Okay. Good." Dinah quirked a smiled sideways at her. "Want some chocolate? And watch me give Tony a bottle? It's kind of hilarious."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

"Force, am I glad Ben never had to do that to me," Tahiri said, laughing -- and grateful for it. "Yes, on both counts. Please?"

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

Dinah TK'd the bag of mixed chocolates from her desk over to Tahiri, then opened the mini-fridge to retrieve Tony's bottle.


"Yes, I know you're hungry," Dinah said long-sufferingly as he tried to wrestle it away from her. "Just... fine, be like that." She grinned at Tahiri, and Camille, who was now dozing on her lap. "And you know, any time you need to, you're welcome here. Tiny tiger cubs or not."

Re: [Late but NFB anyway, nyeah]

Tahiri snagged the bag, careful to keep it away from Camille, and popped a chocolate into her mouth. "I was never that bad," she felt compelled to point out. She might have been casting herself in too generous a light there. "And thanks, Dinah."