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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Saturday morning
7:13 AM: An alarm went off. Black Canary immediately sat up, shot to her feet, and assumed a defensive stance.

...a clock-radio alarm. In what appeared to be a dorm room? And why had she been sleeping on the floor?

Tapping her Justice League comm badge, she said, "Watchtower, I need a location." No response. "Watchtower?"

[ooc: for the other person on the floor of 312. Dinah is now Black Canary from Justice League Unlimited, as voiced by Morena Baccarin.]

There was an old man snoozing on the floor nearby. No, he hadn't woken up from the noise yet.

But it was getting to be quite a bother.

"Shut that infernal racket off, Archimedes!"

Warily, Black Canary took a step back, studying him.

"Sir? Where are we? And could you please tell me your name?" He didn't look dangerous; long white beard, glasses, and a pointed hat. He wouldn't have been out of place sleeping on a park bench in Star City. But she's just woken up on Earth, instead of in the Watchtower barracks where she'd been on-call; something very funny was going on.

"...Archimedes?" Merlin opened his eyes to look at where the voice had come from. Then removed his glasses to wipe them on his robe before trying that one more time. "Who on earth are you?"

"I'm the Black Canary, sir. I'm with the Justice League." Dinah studied him, and raised her eyebrows. "Who is Archimedes? And do you have any knowledge of where we are?"

Merlin blinked a few more times at that... outfit. "Oh dear. I think something may have gone wrong," He replied seriously, standing up to look around. Yes. He was most certainly in the future here.

"Wrong? In what way?" Since the old man didn't seem able to focus enough to answer her question, the Black Canary sighed, and tried her comm one last time. "Watchtower! Are you asleep at the wheel, Flash, or is this thing down again?" And after a moment: "Definitely down."

Dinah sat down on the bed closest to her-- definitely a teenage girl's, with that comforter shade of peach and pink -- and scanned the room, looking for a phone. The girl's roommate was male, judging from the clothing; two computers, books, a Chinese folding screen (possibly for privacy), one door, two closets, one band of windows (they were on the third floor, when she checked) and aha, the phone.

Maryland area code, written on the extension. "Operator? Where am I calling from?"


Reaching into his sleeves for his wand, Merlin stood up and looked around as well. He hadn't thought he could magic himself into the future in his sleep, but you never know these sort of things.

Clearing his throat pointedly, Merlin nodded toward her. "No worries, you happen to have found yourself with the greatest wizard of all time to sort this mess out."

"Oh, that's good to know." Dinah folded her arms and gave him a small head-tilt and a smile. "Might I know the name of the greatest wizard of all time?"

Anyone who knew her might pick up on the sardonic part. Anyone who didn't would just think she sounded a lot like Inara Serra, if they knew her. Anyone else would think she was being flirty.

"Merlin," He answered kindly. Because not everyone could count themselves so lucky to have heard of him before. "Now stand back, stand back!"

"Sir--" Wand, check. Pointy hat, check. Claim to fame as famous magician, check. Unexplained, inexplicable presence in a Maryland boarding school, check.

Use of magic: almost certain. Use of competent magic: entirely uncertain.

And while Black Canary had an obligation to investigate what was going on, she also had an obligation not to be hit by stray magic. Dinah ducked behind the Chinese screen and crouched down, eyes shut, hands over her ears.

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Clearing his throat again, he moved the wand as if conducting an orchestra.

"Hippity bippity boppity blee!"


"Hippity bippity boppity boo!"


"Hmm. This might take further study."

Coming out from behind the screen, the Black Canary sighed. "I'm willing to wait, if it includes an explanation. What do you believe has occurred, Mr., uh, Merlin? Were you intending to perform a spell?"

She frowned, suddenly. "Where are the residents of this room?" She started looking around again, this time at the girl's desk, hopefully to find some form of ID.

Merlin was terribly deep in thought at the moment, so most anything she just said didn't manage to get through. "What what?"

Speaking more slowly and distinctly, and placing herself directly in front of him, Dinah smiled. Sweetly. "What. Were. You. Trying. To. Do. Sir. With. That. Wand?"

Sometimes, acting as Protector of Justice was a more frustrating job than you'd expect.

"A spell, of course! What else would a wizard do with a wand?"

"I was hoping you'd explain what kind of spell," Black Canary said more mildly, looking at the possible Merlin through her eyelashes. "I find it fascinating."

And while she was hoping that flattery would catch more than firmness, she'd found a very interesting thing:

A school ID that said Dinah Laurel Lance.

Age, 16.

Merlin was immune to her charms, sadly. "Are you well, good lady?"

"No." Dinah was now more distracted than Merlin had been earlier. "Something is very wrong here." The Watchtower out of communication, a distracted magician, and another Dinah Lance?

"Mr. Merlin, I'm going to have to leave you here for a while. I need to find out more about where we are. I intend to return in a few hours. I hope you'll still be here then. If you can't stay, please leave me a note regarding your whereabouts, and if you're able to determine what's going on?"

Since he seemed incapable of focusing on anything more specific than 'magic spell.'

If he really was history's greatest magician, Zatanna was going to have a fit.

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"Of course, dear lady," Merlin promised, bowing and holding his beard back before it scraped the floor.

Black Canary smiled, unable to help it at the picture he made, and said, "Good luck."

There was crime to be investigated.