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wind in hair
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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New Gotham City, the Clocktower, Tuesday evening
The portal to New Gotham had been waiting for them at the Causeway; so after grabbing their bags for a two-night trip, Dinah, Priestly, Edward and Karla stepped through, Camille meowing in protest at the purple shiny thing as they walked in one side--

--and out the other, onto the balcony surrounding the Clocktower.

"Welcome to New Gotham, guys."

[open to the visitors and residents of New Gotham alike.]

"Welcome home, Miss Dinah." Alfred was standing just inside the door next to the double-human-sized clock, mouth crimped in a smile. "And welcome to your guests, as well."

"Alfred, hi!" Dinah moved to hug him, putting Camille down to sniff around the balcony while she did so, and beamed at him when she moved back. "Barbara said you might be cooking tonight? Really?" She stopped and moved back. "Guys, this is Alfred Pennyworth. Helena's dad's butler and our friend. This is Priestly, Prince Edward of Andalasia but we just call him Edward, and Karla diGlacia." She picked up Camille. "And Camille."

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Karla looked around, ignoring the Beale-equivalent for a moment. The cityscape beyond the balcony was simply...beyond belief. Even seeing it in Dinah's mind hadn't fully prepared her for the reality. Steel and chrome mized with the with wood and brick as bulding materials. Everything seemed paved, with brief spots of green here and there, like surprises tucked away. Spires from buildings thrust up against the sky like defiant dragons and the light the the stting sun reflected off the miles of glass from all around, covering everything in brilliant flame.

"Whoa......" Karla breathed, leaning so far over the edge, she looked like she might topped over at any moment.

"Careful," Dinah cautioned her, then had to grin. "Pretty fantastic, hunh? You can see the all of New Gotham from here. Even Gotham Bay, in between Wayne Towers and the Metro building over there," she said, gesturing to the south. Then she sighed happily. Home, home, home.

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"Oh dude." Priestly spun in place, taking in the tower and the view. "This is awesome. You lived here?!"

"Yup!" Dinah grinned, flinging out her arms to the view. "Isn't this awesome? And the main part is secret! There's a secret exit out of here, no one knows we have half this stuff here. Barbara has an apartment a couple floors down that's her official residence."

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The elevator dinged an arrival and a tall woman with short brown hair stepped out. She took half a second to look around before yelling. "If any of you touched my stuff you're dead!"

Helena was home.

"Eeeee!" Dinah bounced up from the couch and was running before Helena finished speaking. "Helena! Yes!"

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Prince Edward's eyes were wide. Part due to the fact that he was some place new, and because the tower was awesome!

"It is lovely!"

"It is!" Dinah spun around with glee at being home, and grinned at Edward. "I'm so glad you come come along! This is going to be a blast."

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Dinner is prepared and served. Help Alfred and help yourself.

Alfred had steaming the rice and noodles already, and he had the meat mostly done, but the vegetables and sauce were still in process.

Re: Dinner is prepared and served. Help Alfred and help yourself.

Priestly being, well, Priestly, and in theory an Alfred in training, figured he should throw in in the kitchen. "Hey, man, you need a hand?"

Girl's room.

Dinah's room was just as she left it: big comfy bed with down comforter, day-bed against the other wall, photos and posters and a million CD's and her computer and the closet that really needed reorganizing.

Camille was already investigating the shoes under the bed.

(There might have been a huge poster of Superman on one wall.)

Guy's Room

Barbara's guest room: nice, neutral, but yeah, really awesome view down over Robinson Park and downtown New Gotham.

Main Room

With the Living Room, TV, and oh yeah, watching Barbara talk Helena through her nightly patrol.


More? Do we need more? Naaah.

Tomorrow's post will go up very late tonight, with plenty of possible threads, guys. Or create-your-own. *g*