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Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312, Tuesday night
Dinah was relaxing in her room with her cat, watching Building 42 on her laptop, and dragging a ribbon around on her bed.

The better to keep Camille from rooting around under the bed for a couple new things she'd hidden there.

The door was open as she contemplated a job tracking down magic artifacts for the government. Hmm. Did they get overtime?


Francine ... did not have cookies, for once. She'd contemplated making them, even wandered down to the second floor since they had the best kitchen that was actually near a tv, but the place had smelled like ... well, like someone had exploded a dragon in it or something.

So up the stairs she came, and when she popped her face around Dinah's doorframe, she was carrying only a bag of chips and a couple of sodas. "Hi! Hungry?"

"I am!" Dinah grinned up from the laptop just as the episode finished. "C'mon in. I'm recovering from an awesome afternoon, how are you?" Camille scampered off the bed to twine around Francine's ankles, purring up a storm of feed me hold me you understand me.

Mildly off-kilter, but that was hardly new anymore. Francine bent to scoop up Camille and tossed the bag of chips in Dinah's direction. "I got to go to Mr. Stark's workshop today. I didn't break anything!"

"Woo! Wait, he has a workshop?" Dinah just knew him as, 'that scary guy who substituted at Sex Ed once' and didn't have a real grip on who he was otherwise. She got the bag of chips and ripped them open, moving her legs off the bed to make room for Francine and Camille. It felt like forever since they'd really talked-- they'd just been starting to chat when the whole demon convention happened more than a week ago. "Yay for not breaking stuff, though. Does he own that place where Ender works?"

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"Stark Industries. It's..." Francine shrugged. "Shiny, I guess. I didn't know half of what I was looking at." She plopped down on the end of the bed, setting the bottles of soda down so she could properly manhandle Camille into a good spot for chin-skritching. "What did you do this afternoon that was so awesome?"

"Hunh. Cool." Mental note: scary kink guy had tech stuff. Maybe someday she'd get to see it. "I flew! I mean, with wings! Karla had them, they were a loaner, but she had this magic set of wings that let you fly!" Dinah bounced on her bed, face lit up at the memory. "So, so, so awesome. That was her second present for me after she got back, after the bracelet."

Which solicited another bounce off the bed, to get a messily wrapped present for Francine, and one very nicely gift-wrapped one. "Thanks for holding down the fort prezzies."

"You flew?" Jealous Francine is jealous, yes. "With wings but as a person?" That she had to ask that was a testament to Fandom of course, since she'd flown with wings as a pony and without wings as a person, during the time she'd been here.

She deposited Camille in her lap and reached for the packages. "And aww, thanks. You didn't have to do that!"

"Yeah, I did. We owed you for covering for us while we were gone, you know. Miss Atreides kind of reminded me yesterday, so I remembered to wrap these up." Dinah cuddled Camille close, grinning as she watched Francine open them. "And yeah, as a person! She has a bodysuit for herself that has the wings attached, and a set of wings on a harness-thing? To loan out. Maybe Karla will let you borrow them, if one of the guys isn't using them? She doesn't have a whole lot of sets. It's magic, it works with your muscles, so you figure out how to fly them yourself, it was so cool." Nothing except diving off a sandworm and Peter Petrelli's birthday present had even come close.

"Eee, mountie moose!" Francine grinned when she unwrapped him, and let the paper fall down on top of Camille. Crumple-attack in three, two, one... "I loved flying when I was a pony. And that weekend we were superheroes."

Camille's hunter instincts necessitated a diving pounce-roll, and then there was much scrabbling and ferocious chewing and twisting as the mighty wrapping paper was engaged in battle. Meow!

"I remember that! I didn't know you all that well then, barely at all. And Katina, sulking in a crater," Dinah started giggling. "And cursing me out for trying to check if she was all right."

"She always forgot she couldn't fly." Francine wasn't exactly sure how she knew always for people they'd been for a weekend, but she did. "I would take her flying instead."

"Aww. That's so cool." Like Peter had taken her flying. (If Dinah had any knowledge of Freud, it stayed firmly buried.) Cracking open the bottle of pop, Dinah took a long drink, and smiled. "And I was a superheroine who couldn't fly and didn't have a friend along who did. But at least I got to fight that scary Catwoman in the bar."

"Anyway. Most of the Vancouver trip was standing around, waiting for demons to show up, so Tony and Merlin could send them back. Or? Following Tony and the skank demon consultant around so he could close rips in the reality before they showed up." She paused. "I shouldn't call her a skank, but I really didn't like her."

Edited at 2009-08-19 03:05 am (UTC)

"So she was a demon consultant who was skanky, not a skanky demon who was a consultant?" You had to check these things.

"Yes, that first one." Dinah made a face, trying to be fair. "Okay, she was cursed, kind of, and she'd lived like three thousand years, and she was helping. But. Mostly I think it was just self-preservation." She grimaced. "She got Tony sucked into the whole thing and never said thanks, and was constantly saying he wasn't good at the magic stuff. Which, hey. He's self-taught, and he's a fast learner, and he was helping her, even though he's the only guy who didn't register anything when she did her psycho hormone woo-woo."

Francine was actually halfway decent at translating Dinah-babble to English, so she got... most of the way there before she had to ask, "...Psycho hormone woo-woo?"

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