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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The set of "Darkest Night", Thursday, outside of Vancouver
Dinah had headed back to the set in the morning, hoping last night's Threesome to Save the World (aka Whose Crazy Idea Was That?) had actually worked out okay and Tony now knew how long Demon Convention '09 would be lasting. Or who was causing it. Or how they could spackle the holes in the universe a little faster.

For now, there was watching Mason flounce away from the costumers because his lacings were too middle-aged (not Middle Ages, middle-aged; he claimed they made him look like a RenFaire reject) and shuttling script pages to the extras.

[open to phone calls and all in Canada. O CANADA!!]

"How many tantrums has he thrown since lunch?" Jack asked under his breath as he wandered over to Dinah. He was looking pink-cheeked and healthy, even if internally he was rather more conflicted.

"We're on our third if we don't count the whining about the cream cheese," Dinah said, keeping her voice down. "There was one about the script, and one about the girl who's supposed to be dying on-screen today, and oh, right the lights were all wrong. He just knew it." She grinned at Jack. "Now we know why Tony gets the big bucks."

"You couldn't pay me enough for the babysitting," Jack decided, firmly but softly and with a little shake of his head. "I suppose he has to do this to do what he wants to do, yeah?"

"Yeah. I wish they'd let him do more of the directing and camera-work, though," Dinah said, turning down her Radio, which was squawking again about cables being out of place. "Someday he'll be famous, though. He's good at this, and dedicated. And it's not like anyone will pay him to be a wizard." She bit her lip, turning a little pink but managing not to look away. "Everything... went okay? Last night? I'm guessing? With the magic."

"I suppose," Jack said. "Made Tony sick, but that's apparently the cost of it. he found out what he needed to know."

No, he didn't look happy.

Dinah's embarrassment melted away in concern. "He did? You guys won't have to try something else, then. How sick, though?" She scowled, looking around for Leah, then checked on Jack with worry. "Are you okay too?"

"Vomited," Jack answered succinctly. "You have to remember, he's not truly trained. He's making this up as he goes along, and what he was trying was too much for him. I don't know what we would have had to do if this didn't work."

He shrugged. "I'm well." He'd had a good time, on a physical level; it was only the mental side of things that bothered him, and he supposed that was minor when saving the world was on the line.

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Which didn't make Dinah quit worrying one bit, either about Jack or about Tony, although Tony had the lead through Weird Magic and actual vomiting. She clamped down on Bet that was a turn-off because hey, not Jack's fault, and he was just as worried as she was; and even if she wanted to blame Leah, that wasn't fair either.

"Have a bagel?" she offered. "Wish there was more I could do. But I guess if Tony knows, that means we can deal with it soon?" Dinah realized, cheering up a little.

Jack took the bagel and eyed it before taking a delicate bite. "It sounded as though we'll have to," he agreed, as he would have agreed with blaming Leah, really. "I'll be glad to finally help -- and happy to get home. I've already missed all my classes for the week."

"Me too. And I forgot to send the teachers e-mails," Dinah admitted, wincing. "Bet Finals week will be fun." She nibbled on a raisin bagel herself, and said, "You have been a help though. And not just, um. Last night." She looked down. "Looking out for Tony and all too. And standing guard too."

"I've done what I could," Jack said, wincing a little at the whole thing. "It's odd to go to bed with someone for a reason besides it being what you want to do."

Dinah gave him a swift look of inquiry. "We appreciate it, you know," she said, still keeping her voice down. "I thought you were okay with it. Leah's so..." She blushed, and shrugged. "But I guess it's weird, when there's-- other stuff." And again, hitting close to her own issues there.

"Oh, she's attractive, but it's just an enchantment," Jack said. "It's not real." Not that he'd been in love with every person he'd ever slept with, as such, but none of it had been ... like this.

He bit the bagel again. "Or is that not your other stuff?"

Dinah was now fire-red, but not upset, exactly. Maybe because Jack was being so matter-of-fact, and not entirely thrilled with the situation either. "No, that's... pretty close to it." Her stuff. "The whole, not-sure-how-much-is-real thing." She paused, then had to add, "And not being in it just for fun and love, too. I don't-- it doesn't feel wrong, just weird, to think about it."

"It was the right thing to do." Jack was a pragmatist. "Safer to use me than Henry, or then getting a stranger involved. But yes. Weird."

Dinah shuddered at the idea of Henry in the middle of that, then nodded vigorously. "Still. Cool you did it. And glad it's done." She smiled. "And the rest of it soon, we can hope."

"It has to be." Jack was firm. He -- they -- would not fail.