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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The set of "Darkest Night", Wednesday evening, outside of Vancouver
Dinah had sort of been recruited as a non-union non-paid totally-not-for-real P.A. while she was on the set and they were shooting, if no on else was within shouting distance, because she wasn't afraid of the writers and thought Mason was a jerk. So she'd been tagged to take him new script pages, stand around and listen to him whine, then go back to the writer's pen. ("He says he doesn't want to get kicked in the groin again.")

Right now, though, she was playing with her head-set, and listening to the chatter, while considering the likelihood of the demon crashing through the fake stained-glass window, and whether Henry would do it just for fun.

[for those likely to be on the set tonight]

Henry didn't need a reason to lurk in the shadows, aside from the fact that he was Henry. So there he was, studying the people coming and going and keeping an eye on the door.

After a bit, Dinah got bored and wandered over to Henry, the questions inspired by her talk with Tony rising to her mind. Sitting down near him, she kept her voice down when she said, "Hey. So." She blinked at him, then asked, "Do you do this a lot? Fight monsters?"

Henry glanced over at Dinah. "I'm a romance writer. It doesn't exactly come with the territory." He said dryly.

"But you're--" old, was what she'd been about to say, but settled for, "You've seen a lot of stuff, though. Tony told me who your dad was, and all." She frowned, resting her hand on her chin. "Unless there really isn't that much here? In this world?"

Henry gave her a tight smile. "It didn't get this exciting until recently." By his definition of recently.

"Hunh." Dinah studied him, and then had to ask, "Do you like it? Being what you are?"

Just in case someone around her shouldn't know he was a vampire.

Henry considered how to best answer the question. "I am what I am. I can't exactly change it now." He finally said.

That made Dinah consider and be quiet a long time, and she said even more quietly, "Did Tony tell you that I got turned into one, for a weekend?" She didn't look at him. Just poked at the fake varnish at the end of the fake pew she was sitting on.

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After a long day of running around, flying on the beach, and a picnic watching the Perseids, Karla was pretty tired. But she was also missing Dinah a lot, and so rather than falling face-first into bed like she wanted to, she pulled out her cellphone and called Dinah's number.

Good thing she'd waited until right before bed. Karla had no concept of timezones, after all.

Her phone was on 'vibrate' or one of the A.D.'s would murder her, demon-guarding or no demon-guarding, so Dinah pulled out her phone, and blinked at it a little, then grinned. "Karla!" she squealed softly. "You're back home!"

"And you're not!" Karla said, pouting at the phone. Dinah couldn't see it, but she was pretty sure it carried over anyway. "Looks like I'll have to give your present away to someone else."

That's what you get for running away to go fight demons. No presents.

"I heard Francine say that you were off with Merlin somewhere? Where'd you go? Why? Who else is there? And now who am I going to go to for all the good gossip I missed while I was gone."

"I left Saturday night, with Merlin and Arthur and Jack Priest, because Tony had trouble here again," Dinah said, rolling her eyes, mostly amused by now at that part. "Demons. Coming in from some other dimension. He needed Merlin's help to send them all back as soon as they show up so no one gets hurt. And there's some demon lord wanting to open a gate, but the gate's on this stuntwoman Leah, and it's all complicated. But I got to tie one up!" She grinned into the phone, and said, "Don't I deserve a present for that? Pleeeease? Come on. I'll bring you back syrup or something?"

"Syrup?" Karla asked. "What's that?" Honey was the breakfast sweetener of choice in Kaeleer that’s the rules that I’ve just made up.

Way to focus on the important bit, Karla.

"Wait--did you say a demon gate on someone's belly?"

Still not the importantest, but closer.

"It's a tattoo. Of runes. That keep the world from ending if it's opened. I'm not really clear on that part," Dinah admitted. "Anyway. Syrup is sugar and maple sap and now I have to bring you some, and how did your trip go, anyway? Did they stuff you like a duckling?"

"So, there are demons in a woman's belly, but they can't get out because she has tattoos." This was Karla giving the phone a very dubious look. Even taking into account that Karla understood nothing about demons in this world other than they weren't the demon-dead of hers this all sounded very weird.

"The first week, they made me stay in bed and fussed. Seriously! I ate evry few hours and had to take naps and the boyos would come in and check up to make sure I was sleeping and not reading. If I hadn't had Jaenelle sneaking me out for flying lessons I would have murdered them all in their sleep!"

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