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ibook, examination
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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That Hotel outside of Vancouver, Tuesday evening
So now, after a long day of convergence-chasing, Dinah's sending all her photos of Vancouver and the set to everyone she knows who has an e-mail account. This included a couple of photos of Lee Nicholas looking thoughtful and hot, and one of Mason looking moronic, and a couple of everyone in demon guts at different points.

The hotel room doesn't seem as scary now, but it's leaving her too much time to think.

[expecting a certain wizard, but open to anyone in the Vancouver environs]

Tony was back at the hotel room to shower and take a break, again. He felt kind of silly being in a hotel room so near to home, but he also felt better being near the studio in case something happened.

He flopped down on the spare bed after his shower.

Dinah looked up from her laptop to smirk at Tony, and then say, "I got a shot of Mason flipping out at the craft table today. Do I even want to know how often he does that?"

"You really don't," Tony said. "Don't let that one get online, though. He'll freak."

"I'm only putting a 'don't post this' on it 'cause then you'd be out of a job," Dinah told him, adding a small caption to that photo she was sending. "Can't believe any buys that he's a vampire. So, so, so lame. Henry, now, he's a vampire." She was quiet a minute, then muttered, "A nice one. But still. Way more believable."

"I'm sure Henry will be glad to hear that," Tony said dryly.

Dinah turned red, looking down at the keyboard, and tapped at the keys in order to have something to do. "Do you think..."

Tony stretched out on the bed. "What?"

"Would Henry answer some questions about vampires if I asked him?" she blurted out, all in one breath. "I just-- there was stuff I was wondering about. And I know he's not the same kind, but he'd know, maybe."

Tony thought about that for a moment, then nodded. "Probably," he said. "I mean, you'd have to ask him, but I think he would. Are you doing okay?"

Dinah wanted to say yes, but the best she could do was, "I don't know. Mostly?" She looked over at Tony. "It seems so stupid. It's done, and parts of it were horrible, but I should be over it by now. Not jumping at everything that reminds me of being a vampire or people dying."

Tony snorted. "You think you should be over it after a week? You've either got mad recovery skills or really high expectations for yourself."

"Heh." Dinah smiled at him, warmed by that, and relaxed a little. "I think partly it's that everyone wants to forget so badly. I can't talk about it there, because people who weren't even there get freaked out if I mention their other selves were." She was quiet a minute, then said softly, "I haven't told Leto that Karla and I had to kill the other him yet. Cried all over him. But didn't tell him."

And she wasn't crying now, but that still made her chest all tight, remembering it.

"Does he really need to know?" Tony asked quietly.

Dinah was silent a long minute, staring back at Tony, then softly said, "Maybe not."

When Karla came back, maybe she'd talk to her about it. Maybe they'd never tell him, or tell him when they could both really deal with it. Something to talk over with her, though.

Tony slid off his bed and went over to hug her.

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