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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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The Skytrain, Canada, Tuesday afternoon
Sooo, the next hole was opening up somewhere on the rail of the Skytrain, real soonish. Dinah was currently pretending she was Tony's P.A. while they cased the rails, holding a hand-held camera and peering through the viewfinder at the platform, Leah wandering beside them.

"I don't see anything missing, do you guys?"

[for wantstodirect and hotceltogoth as they do their thing.]

"Perhaps on the train itself?" Leah offered. "It's nearby, certainly."

"Which one, though? They're coming and going?" Dinah bit her lip, dropping the camera from her face. "We could check them as they come in?"

Leah shook her head. "It's not moving," she pointed out. "Are there any -- what about something off to the side? A decommissioned train, perhaps?"

"Ooo." Dinah swung her camera around, having seen something--- "The display car there? With all the signs about don't touch?"

Frowning, Leah turned slightly, a demonic game of hot-or-cold. "It's the right direction," she said. "Shall we check it out?"

Tony walked toward the display car, occasionally squinting slightly and tilting his head different ways, trying to see the shimmer of a weak spot.

It probably made him look like kind of a spaz.

Which Dinah got on tape, giggling, as she followed them. "How can you tell, anyway, Leah? What does it feel like?"

Leah grunted. "Like snakes crawling under my skin," she said. "Trust me: nothing you'd like to feel yourself."

Tony realized what Dinah was doing with the camera. "Hey!" he said. "Don't film me!"

"Why not? No one's going to see this," Dinah said, rolling her eyes a little. And it was funny! "Snakes, euugh. Better than spiders or crocodiles, I guess."

"Inside," Leah said, stepping up to the car, glancing around just once and completely nonchalantly before she walked right in, leaving the others to follow.

Tony held up a hand between himself and the camera and followed Leah.

"You look nothing like a movie star when you do that," Dinah informed untruthfully, and followed the two of them. She swung the camera back and forth, taking in the whole restored car, and said, "Not seeing it yet..."

"That's why I stay behind the camera," Tony said, also looking around the car.

"And here I thought it was because you lack any talent in front of it," Leah snarked.

"There. The padding's missing from the seat."

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