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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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A hotel just outside of Vancouver, Canada; Monday evening
Dinah was relaxing in her room at the hotel, trying to ignore how empty it was and how much she didn't want to go to sleep yet. Too early. Also, the disaster movie on SPACE had freaked her out a little. Hurricanes, whose good idea was that?

Time to bug someone who was hopefully still up.


[for someone in Fandom, but open for anyone in Vancouver after.]

Still up, yes, even though it was three hours later in Fandom. Stirring a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough, to be exact. Which means it took her a moment to answer the phone, and the mouthpiece was slightly cookie flavored when she did. "Hi, are you okay?"

Mmm, the small talk.

"I'm okay, we're all okay," Dinah said, wandering around the room, stopping to bounce on the extra bed. Time for truth a little bit later, when Francine wouldn't immediately worry. "Maybe we should have check-ins, so you don't worry 'til we miss one? Would that help? Or would it make it worse? Also, hi. It's me."

"Yeah, my phone says so," Francine pointed out, taking a moment to laugh now that she didn't have to worry. For the moment. "What've you guys been doing?" Because she was going to let that sit without poking it, uh-huh.

"Trying to find the demons that Merlin and Tony are supposed to be sending home, mostly. It's like a convention, and they want to meet them at the airport and put them right back on the plane and kick them out of town? But they don't know where the planes are landing, so they're trying to call all the lines to the travel agents, magically-speaking, to find out." Dinah sighed, and flopped back on the bed again, staring at the ceiling. "So far, only a few have landed while we've been here, and then Merlin or Tony mojo them. Big and ugly and stupid."

"It's a demon convention." She wasn't picturing them wearing little red Shriner's fezzes at all.

"Uh-hunh. And usually it would last months, but this one demon guy, Ryne Something, he's pushing it harder, so it's happening faster, and that's why Tony needed help." Dinah made a face. "They so aren't here just to order room service and party. Although room service at this hotel is pretty good. Also, I tied one up with unnatural rope!"

Yeah, she's a little loopy with tired and caffiene.

"...A demon or the room service guy?"

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Later that night

Tony knocked on the door.

Re: Later that night

Dinah hadn't been asleep. Not even with how late it was. She peeked through the peek-hole and then opened the door wide. "Tony? I thought you were staying on the set."

Re: Later that night

"Was," Tony said. "Henry and Jack ganged up on me and said I needed to sleep in a real bed. I'm jus' going to crash for a couple of hours, though." Totally awake here. Never mind how he was leaning on the doorframe to stay up.

Re: Later that night

Dinah giggled, confusion evaporating as she reached for his arm to steer him bed-ward. And maaaaybe relief that she didn't have to be in here alone any more. "Uh-hunh. Look, nice big bed here. All to yourself. With extra pillows. And you don't even have to do the laundry for it."

Re: Later that night

Tony stumbled over to the bed and flopped down on it, kicking off his shoes but leaving the rest of his clothes on. "Map worked. Closed three weak spots today. Merlin got a couple, too." He yawned. "Did you have fun? Lee said you were in the scene with him."

Re: Later that night

"I did! They couldn't find the extra who was supposed to be the dead girl," Dinah said, reaching for the light on the nightstand as she climbed back into bed. "Until after they had me in make-up and the nice dress and had filmed me dead. She came out of Mason's dressing room and tried to throw a fit but the director didn't to hear it, and Lee said I was good." She let out a slow breath. "You and Merlin did okay? No injuries? No power drainage stuff?"

Re: Later that night

"Nah. Got 'em closed before the demons could get through." Tony yawned. "C'n you set the alarm for me? Jus' need three or four hours an' then I can go back to the set."

Re: Later that night

Dinah stared at him. Seriously? Seriously? Four hours?

She moved her hand to the alarm clock, and then pulled it back without touching a button. "Sure." Snuggling down under the sheets, and focusing on Tony's breathing, Dinah finally relaxed. "Sleep well, Tony."

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