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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - Sunday Night
Dinah so didn't want to sleep. It had been a week from hell. There was a plan, a good plan, of ice cream and kittens and romantic comedies and time with a roomie who didn't freak her out.

Before the plan, there was a phone call, though.


[for wantstodirect first, but open after]

Tony picked up the phone on the first ring. "Dinah! You feeling better?"

"I'm alive," Dinah tried to joke, but the tremble in her voice didn't make it very funny. "So, yeah?" She smiled, and petted Camille. "Very very very glad to be home, Toto."

"I'm glad you're awake," Tony said. "Was it the place from your nightmares?"

"Uh-hunh." Dinah cuddled Camille closer. "I was a vampire. And anybody who wasn't from here, and who was a vampire, was crazy violent and thought of people as food. Food they deserved." She gulped. "Me and Karla had to kill Leto."

"Oh, God. Dinah, I'm sorry."

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Claire returned from her shower (which had taken longer than usual so Dinah would have the private time she needed) and flopped down on her bed in her pajamas.

"Ready for chick flick and ice cream therapy?"

Dinah's eyes were still red, but she nodded vigorously. "Yes please. Anything without vampires or death and lots of fluffiness, and maybe English accents?"

"Oooh, I have the perfect thing," Claire said, getting up and finding her DVD of Notting Hill.

"Yes!" Dinah got a little of her animation back, and reached for a spoon. "Did you know it's daylight in Greenland for days and days right now?"

This qualifies as a cheerful thing at the moment.

"No, I didn't," Claire said, getting the DVD set up in the player and then grabbing ice cream from the freezer. "Daylight is good though."

She hesitated, unsure if she should sit on her own bed or next to Dinah. Her roommate seemed to need comfort, but she also might need space.

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It was unnecessary, but Triela checked the bundle in her hand one last time before nodding to herself and knocking. She suspected that Dinah didn't really need to talk, not yet, and she didn't plan to stay long. But she did have something to give her friend.

They were switching out movies anyway, so Dinah went to the door and opened it, smiling when she saw Triela. "Hey, Triela. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine," Triela managed a grin. "But I hear you had a rough weekend."

Which... she suspected was a rather impressive feat of understatement. And also why she didn't respond with a traditional 'and how are you?'

"I've had a lot better," Dinah admitted, the tiny, forced smile hinting at how much wasn't said. "Hiding from sunlight and blood-sucking psychos isn't much fun, even with extra superpowers." She shrugged. "But. We're home now."

"Yeah, we are." Triela smiled. "I was just stopping by to leave you something."

She pulled her hand out from behind her back to reveal... a teddy bear.

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