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Pool cue
Dinah Lance blondecanary
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Room 312 - Monday evening
After the whatever it was on the beach, Dinah was happy to be back in her nice, quiet room. With her nice, spazzy cat. Dancing with the door open.

...Just before midnight he gets up, gets out of bed
A can of Red Bull, a tab of X to clear his head
He shoots his cuffs, now he’s headed downtown
Picks up one life, puts another one down
And his body hums and the music’s playing

Dance, Soterios Johnson, dance
It’s a cold world, nobody understands
The feeling you can’t keep inside
Go, Soterios Johnson, go
All the club kids are watching your glowstick glow
With the light of a truth you can’t hide
That the news is the news, but the dance goes on forever

[ooc: and the post is as open as the door.]

Karla knocked timidly on the door. "Dinah? Can I come in for a few?"

Karla was still more than a little shaken by what she'd seen in her web. It held no clues, no signs, no answers, just more questions.

Well, that and the promise of death.

"I'm sorry to bother, but Gabrielle's not here right now and I think I'd like to be with someone for a bit," she said, hesitating in the doorway.

"Sure, of course," Dinah said, turning and stopping in mid-dip with Camille, who meowed recognition at Karla. "Come on in. What's up?"

"I spun a tangled web," Karla said, crossing over to Dinah's bed and grabbing a pillow to hug. "Tonight. Did you notice anything...odd?" Any attempt to sound casual was immediately belied by the shakiness of Karla's hands.

Dinah slowed the dancing, and stopped, cradling Camille close. "Yeah. I did," she said slowly. "It was fast, I didn't even know what it was, just all the way down to my spine. I know the web thing is how you see the future, but what's a tangled one?"

"Same thing," Karla replied. "A tangled web is something a Black Widow weaves. It differentiates it from a Healing web, I guess." She bit her lip. "What I saw. It was, well, kind of disturbing. And I didn't understand any of it. But it's--it's pretty bad," she finished lamely.

[I meant to say orginally, that our cake-cutting song in our wedding was Skullcrusher Mountain!]

"That can be changed, though. Right?" Dinah asked, looking worried. "It doesn't have to happen. And now we know something's coming."

Never mind that she'd never had a premonition while she was awake before. Or at all, really. Just stuff at the same time. Dinah had the urge to call New Gotham and Vancouver, make sure people were okay. She took a breath and sat down next to Karla, putting an arm around her. "We'll deal with it."

[*snerk* and I crash]